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Abnormal Psychology

Environmental psychology

What do you think has caused increased interest in environmental matters? What are some examples of ways in which environmental awareness has increased among the general population?

Environmental Psychology

Do you believe that individuals are affected by their environment in different ways? If so, how? If not, why not?

Data Analysis and Correlation

1-What are the three major steps in data analysis? What specific things would a researcher be looking for in each one of these steps? 2-What is correlation? What are the different types of correlation? Why is it important to determine correlation? If anxiety and depression are correlated, what three possible directions of cau

Effective versus Ineffective challenge

a. Choose an area you feel that you need to challenge yourself. If can relate either to a problem situation or some unused resource or opportunity. b. Write out a self challenge statement in which you violate principles such as goals of challenging, encourage self challenge, challenge unused strengths more than weaknesses, spec

Confidentiality in family therapy

What if you are doing couples counseling, think you are making great progress in helping the couple develop trust and communication, and then one of the partners reveals to you that they are having an affair, but their partner does not know about it. Both are your clients. Yes, the individual confidentiality must be kept.

Immediacy tips

A number of client-helper situations calling for some kind of immediacy on your part are described. You are asked to consider each situation and respond with some form of immediacy statement. I have attached a document which contains example to help answer the 4 situations.

Helper Self-Disclosure

Review some problems in living or unused opportunities that you feel you have managed or are managing successfully. Indicate what you might share about yourself that would help a client with a similar problem situation. That is, what might you share of yourself that would help the client move forward in the problem managing proc

Self-Efficacy and Motivation

What is the relationship between self-efficacy and motivation? What are the roles of self-efficacy and motivation in the counseling process? How are they relevant? Analyze these constructs from a behavioral and a social-cognitive perspective.

Self-Esteem discussion

How would social-cognitive theory describe low self-esteem in the words of its own theoretical model? How does this theoretical model suggest means of assisting people to overcome their sense of low self-esteem?

Research problem overview

1. Question: How does the statement of the problem provide the foundation for the rest of the study? 2. List your references/sources

Reliability and validity when doing an academic search.

This solution gives numerous examples of what to look for when trying to find an academically acceptable search for your essays and/or discussion questions. In particular, it points out what is needed to make your search academically reliable and valid.

Writing clinical case notes

What should be included in progress notes and what should not be included? How confidential are such progress notes in the current managed care world? Describe how much detail should a therapist/counsel include their documentation, for example, should a therapist or counselor include their working hypotheses in their clinical no

Intellectual, emotional and cultural competencies

Our text mentions that there are different ways to demonstrate competence: intellectual, emotional, cultural, etc. I need help understanding this within the context of psychology. Can you think of a variety of competencies that are needed, and how they might be demonstrated?

Therapist Ethics: Inflating Diagnosis for Insurance Coverage

Say a therapist acknowledged his or her client needed a certain amount of treatment, however their insurance wouldn't cover the treatment necessary unless they were given a more severe diagnosis. In this case, is it ethical for the counselor or psychologist to "inflate" the diagnosis somewhat to get insurance payments?

Contrast qualitative and quantitative studies.

Instruction: Answer the question below and make sure to provide sources/references to support your answer. 1. What is the difference between qualitative and quantitative studies, with regard to the use of the term validity? 2. List your references/sources

Self Esteem summary

Again this week in class our discussion is on self esteem. What would the trait theories postulate about people with low self-esteem? How would the trait-theory perspective describe low self-esteem in the words of one of its theoretical models?

social constructionism

A key concept within the postmodern perspective is social constructionism. Based on your readings (Rober,hoffman). respond to the following: 1. Describe how language is viewed within the social constructionism perspective, and the influence of relationships and conversation in creating both problems and solutions. 2. How is t

Definition of Competence

Please help with the following problem. What is the definition of "competence", as applied to the practice of a psychologist? (This is NOT referring to a legal definition of competence regarding a patient). What are the specific competences that a professional psychologist should possess? Why is competence considered to be

Short analysis; causes of psychiatric disturbances.

Given these symptoms, what are the diagnostic possibilities, including both psychiatric diagnostic possibilities and other causes? Keep your answer to a page or less. You don't need to discuss every detail of your treatment just indicate the possible etiologies in a general way and the steps you would take to diagnose, treat a

Important information about probabilistic reasoning

1. What is the concept of probabilistic reasoning? How do probability statistics help individuals understand societal trends? 2.How do you feel about coincidences? Do you accept or are you the type of person who attempts to explain them? Why?

Therapists and personal values

Therapists free of personal values? This brings up and interesting point: Can a therapist or psychologist completely remove all personal values when dealing with a client? And more importantly, should they? Question: When can the personal values of the therapist be useful, or be used therapeutically in the counseling set


Discuss the historical development of biopsychology.