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Abnormal Psychology

Strengths and weaknesses of an author' effort at scholarly writing.

Could you please read the following paragraph and analyze it for the author effort at scholarly writing, including an assessment of the paragraph in terms of bias, opinion, quality of evidence, and appropriateness to its target audience? One of the great breakthroughs in the past 50 years has been the widespread availability

Common sense and peoples' beliefs

What are the connections between common sense and people's beliefs, and how do these differences and connections relate to critical thinking and to being a scholar-practitioner in the mental health counseling profession?

Availability heuristic

You are the commissioner of a state lottery system that sponsors daily and weekly drawings. Lottery tickets have not been selling well over the past few months. Describe at least two ways you could take advantage of people's use of the availability heuristic to boost sales. Explain why you would judge your tactics to be fair or

A Clockwork Orange (film) elements

A Clockwork Orange (film) according to A Clockwork Orange (film) 1) give an example of calssical conditioning 2) what is the conditioned and unconditioned stimuli and responses in the two examples of classical conditioning 3) give example of group think.explain 4) give example of group polarization. explain

Intelligence Definition and Measurement

Please help me get started with the following: Select two assessments of intelligence and two achievement tests. *DO NOT USE AN APTITUDE TEST* Analyze the four instruments: 1. Compare and contrast several major definitions of intelligence. DO NOT use definitions from dictionaries. Definitions of intelligence should be obt

A Clockwork Orange (film) is examined in terms of Freudian theory.

Please help with these problems about abnormal psychology. Provide at least 200 words. 1) Based on Freud's Psychosexual stages, what stage is he fixated on? Explain 2) If you had to diagnose Alex with a personality disorder based on his behaviors and beliefs, which one would you choose? Explain.

identical and fraternal twins

What are ways that behavior genetics uses twin studies to understand the effects of hereditary and the environment? response is 596 words plus references


How is the field of psychology similar to other sciences? How is it different? Do you believe that psychology should be classified as a science? What are the advantages and disadvantages to being classified as a science? response is 478 words plus a reference

Case conceptualization

In a counseling setting, what are some of the factors or variables that would be most pertinent or helpful in working up a case conceptualization? How does one's level of cultural competence influence the conceptualization of the client? What multicultural counseling variables are salient with the population of clients being se

Social and trait theory

Describe and contrast how social learning approach and trait theory explain personality differences between individuals. Also, discuss some examples of research relevant to these 2 approaches that show how differences in personality may influence behavior in the workplace. response is 531 words

Skinner & Behavioral Analysis

Create an outline that would get you started on a 10 page research paper regarding "Skinner & Behavioral Analysis". Include the ideas and important points needed for this topic.

Specific theory and integrative theory

Discuss advantages and disadvantages of practicing within a specific theory as opposed to developing an integrative approach containing several therapies. (response is 283 words plus a reference)


I am doing a 1300 word survey paper on unemployment in the state of California. Please help me with the qestions listed below. Explain the purpose of the survey. Discuss the preliminary design issues you experienced in creating the survey. Describe the specific instructions for administering, scoring, and interpreting you

Drama in Early Childhood Curriculum

How can drama be used in the early childhood curriculum? What do children learn when they dramatize stories? What are some things to think about when choosing a story for children to act out?

The "Kindness Jar"

What is one specific activity that teachers can use to help young children develop kindness?

Discussing Behavioral Issues in the Classroom

Jarrod is an 11-year-old Caucasian male in a 5th-6th grade combination classroom in your district. Your school serves a predominantly middle to upper middle-class suburban neighborhood. Jarrod is healthy, well-nourished with a history of good attendance. Jarrod's family moved to your district prior to his 3rd grade year. His sch

Developmental Milestones

Please go to the link below and read the information on developmental milestones. Focus your reading on the section that follows: Overall developmental gross and fine motor, language, cognitive, and social skills. http://www.med.umich.edu/yourchild/topics/devmile.htm

Killings of Homeless

Please find and read an article related to a social issue of your choice (e.g., education, healthcare, the economy, etc.) read it and please write two paragraphs summary of something that you learned or found interesting. Please provide reference (e.g., link, pdf, or full reference if gotten from paper media).

Dr. Zak's Case Study

Dr. Zak developed a test to measure depression. He sampled 100 university students to take his five item test. The group of students was comprised of 30 men and 70 women. In this group, four persons were African American, six persons were Hispanic, and one person was Asian. Zakâ??s Miraculous Test of Depression is printed be

Counseling techniques and spirituality summary help is given.

I need some help with some this assignment. 1. Develop a brief summary of the article in your own words. Do not copy and paste from the journal article--this is plagiarism! Simply provide a brief description in your own words of the topic under consideration in the article. If the article describes a research study, includ

Reliability and Validity

Internal Consistency Split-half Test/retest Parallel and alternate forms Face validity Content validity Criterion related Construct For each test listed above describe the test's application and under what conditions these types of reliability would be used as well as when it would be inappropriate. Also, describe each

Counseling and Confidentiality

Please help me answer these question below along with references 1. Purpose or positive benefit for confidentiality 2. The future for the Confidentiality 3. Purpose or positive benefit for dual relationships

Nervous breakdowns

What actually happens to someone when he or she suffers a mental breakdown?