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Abnormal Psychology

Slowing the Biological Clock

'Slowing the Biological Clock' review current research on medical, scientific, holistic, and psychosocial ways, including diet, exercise, surgery, and so on, to slow the aging process. synthesize the findings that will focus on the concept of stopping a biologically driven process and prepare a 10-15 slide PowerPoint presenta

Human Services Workers and Providers

1. Discuss the role of human service workers and their challenges as both advocates for the individual and change agents for those policies or conditions that led to the situation or crisis. 2. Explore how our culture rewards or views the human service providers and the challenges these professionals face as both advocates f

Child Protective Services Specialist

Imagine you are a Child Protective Services Specialist for New York Child Welfare Services: 1-Describe the advocacy role a Child Protective Services Specialist plays within the agency. 2-Describe the populations served by this agency. 3- Describe an advocacy model or template that is used with each population. Is the ad

Linking Mediation and Advocacy to Human Services

1. Visit three web sites on the Internet to explore the information available linking mediation and advocacy to human services. 2. Also refer to Mediation ADR Websites. 3. For each website, write a one paragraph summary of how the site links mediation and advocacy in the human service field. *Please give the website addre

Organizational Development is highlighted.

Examine the concept of organizational development. Be sure to address the following items in your examination: Explain the process of organizational development. Identify the theories associated with organizational development. Describe the conditions necessary for successful organizational change and development.


How does the amount of time energy and number of responses affect goal motivation? Is instrumental or motivated behavior governed by least effort? How is trying to achieve a goal similar to an economic transaction? from scholarly sources

Workplace rewards

1. What are the various rewards available in today's workplace, at the company level, and at the manager-to-employee level? How does your company compare to others about which you have read or heard? 2. How can you assess employee needs to tailor effective rewards? What are the considerations when rewarding an individual as o


Compare and contrast any two perspectives (theories) of motivation as they would apply to each of the following: A.) Hunger B.) Thirst C.) Sexual Behavior

Homeostatic Regulation

Explain in detail the formal concept of homeostatic regulation. Additionally, give in detail, two applied examples of the concept.

Human Lifespan Development - during infancy and toddler hood

1. What changes in brain development occur during infancy and toddler hood? 2. Describe the general course of development during the first two years. 3. What are the central features of psychoanalytic, social learning, and cognitive developmental approaches to moral development? The more information the bette

Gender related communication

Discuss the understanding of gender related communication such as flaws and strengths in specific examples and applications.


What do the studies in resiliency suggest in terms of the primary differences between those who are resilient in contrast to those who are not?

Breast-versus-Bottle Feeding

Categories Pros Cons Which culture is more in favor and which culture is against topic The impact the topic has in society Thorough Introduction and Conclusion I have everyhting except the Cons of breastfeeding

Human Lifespan Development Philosophies and Theoretical Perspectives

Describe human development and the factors that have stimulated research in this area. In one paragraph for each, describe the following developmental theories and name their originators: a. Cognitive- Development Theory b. Psychosocial Theory c. Behavioral Learning Theory Match each theorist with the appro

Rite of passage

Create a modern rite of passage for an adolescent girl and an adolescent boy that addresses the social demands facing adolescents today. Be thinking about how you might incorporate some of the following issues into your rite of passage: a. The strength and changeability of peer relations b. How media messages an

Hypothetical syllogisms

Determine if the argument is valid or invalid and what form it takes. In order for John to keep his job, he needs to come to work on time everyday. John must not have come to work on time everyday because he lost his job. I think it is a valid argument and it is denying the antecedent. Can you tell me if I am on the right trac

Physiological and behavioral addictions

Compare and contrast the motivational functions occurring in physiological and behavioral addictions. Be sure to illustrate with an example of each. I need information and ideas to make these comparisons. Thank you.

Hormones and behavior

What is the role of hormone actions in complex behaviors? What is the end result of the interactions between hormones and behavior? What is an example?

Maslow's hierarchy is applied.

1. You are a psychological consultant for a business. You can choose an example for your business (such as manufacturing widgets, or an ad agency), or you can give more general answers. Using Maslow's hierarchy of needs discuss how you would make sure employees were able to meet their needs for each of the five levels of Maslow'

Ethnic Cultural Group

Please describe a time in which you were the only member of your ethnic cultural group. Then, answer the three following questions: a) What do you recall as the positive aspects of this experience? b) What do you recall as the negative aspects of it? c) What other insights do you now have into this experience in light

Innate factors

To what extent are the reasons why you, personally, like or dislike certain foods based on innate factors?

Solving a case after reading is achieved.

Mr. Andrews generally was using traditional multiple choice tests in his 6th grade class on ancient history but the students seemed bored with the studying for these tests and with his lectures, so for the unit on Mesopotamia he decided to let the students to complete a project instead of taking a test. he gave them these choice