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Abnormal Psychology

Erikson's psychosocial stages and infant development

I need help answering the following. Please be concise. If you use of any references, please include in text, citation, and please provide reference list. Please answer the following questions: 1. Describe Erikson's psychosocial stages of infant development. 2. Define attachment, explain how it is measured and how it

Specialized medicine and patient care are the focal topics.

These questions are posed and examined: "Has specialized medicine made an overall positive or negative impact on the quality of patient-centered health care delivery? Give examples as you explain your opinion." "Does your opinion change when discussing patients as a group versus individual patients? Why or why not?"

Hunches are discussed.

This job develops two or three hunches for each scenario. What is the basis of your hunch (theory, experience, knowledge about social conditions, etc.)? Leah is a 13-year-old runaway living on the streets with a group of three other teens. They show up at the food kitchen occasionally, where a counselor has talked with Leah a

Help with a problem solving simulation is given.

This problem is assessed: Consider this problem: A man has three animals on a riverbank: a dog,cat, and a mouse. The man needs to get all three animals to the other side of the river, but can only carry himself and one animal at a time. The man cannot leave the dog and cat together because the dog will eat the cat. similar

Emotional Disorders and Biological Basis of Behavior

Assume you are planning on becoming a clinical psychologist working primarily with individuals suffering from emotional disorders. As a specialist on emotional disorders, is it important to understand the biological bases of behavior? Why or why not?

Describing the Sensory Processes by Example

I need to describe in 400 words the sensory process that takes place when, 1. You hear the ball hit the bat, 2. You see the ball coming to you, and 3. You catch the ball in your glove?

Motivational Theory

Identify the individuals associated with the incentive and instinct theories. A brief explanation of each theories motivational elements would also be helpful. Thank you.

Death and Dying research is listed.

An in-depth examination of the ways in which our society and other societies or subcultures handle the fundamental issue of death is presented.

An analysis of an organization is given.

These concepts are applied: a. How can industrial/organizational psychologists instill the necessary motivation and skills in workers necessary to maintain flexibility in a modern organization? b. How does the skill of multitasking help the employee in the modern organization? c. What does it take to satis

This job explains experiments.

For each experiment below, this posting identifies the four components of an experiment, as listed below. Possible answers: (Choose an answer from one of the following. There is only one correct answer for each blank.) Independent Variable Dependent Variable Experimental Group Control Group 1. An industrial/organiza

Motivation in the Workplace

I need some help getting started. Prepare a detailed discussion examining how various motivational strategies affect productivity in a selected workplace (namely, your own or one with which you are very familiar). Include an explanation of organizational efforts to improve performance, employees' resistance to increasing pro

Abnormal behavior is exemplified.

This scenario is considered: Think about a perfectly normal grown man who sticks wildly colored feathers all over his body and dances up and down the middle of the main street of a large city. How would you categorize such a man? Remember, context is everything! Think about this fellow for just a moment. Would you think he wa

I need help in writing an experimental proposal.

Write a 500-750- word experiment proposal that clearly addresses the issue of a drug's efficacy. Be sure to design the experiment so that valid conclusions concerning the effects of Physostigmine can be determined. Proposal should include identification of independent and dependent varibles, description of patient selection meth

Criminology/Social Process Theories: Socialized to Crime

I need help getting started on these two questions. Can you help me? All help and suggestions are appreciated. LINKING WELFARE TO CRIME 1. Michael Tanner makes some interesting observations about a possible correlation between welfare and crime. Read his testimony by following the web link, and then describe in what w


Any article in national or local newspaper that describes any type of crime, e.g. narcotic sales, white collar crime or cyber-crime. (Articles must be within one year.) Explain the underlying reasons or that crime by considering the two theories of crime causation. Research includes: - A description of the crime reported in