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    Democracy of Ancient Athens vs. N. America

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    How was the democracy of Ancient Athens comparable to the modern United States? Why did Plato and Aristotle express concerns about democracy as a form of government? Were their concerns justified

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    Close to 2500 years ago, in Ancient Athens, Greece, the government wanted a way for everyone's voice to be heard in the running of the country. They formed a word to describe this new way of government by people (demos) ruled (kratein), "to approve of the democracy of classical Athens, the regime which gave us the word democracy" (Rhodes, 2009). In Ancient Athens democracy there were limitations and exceptions to who these voting and position holding people could be. "The Athenians had slaves; they had immigrants, who usually were unable to become citizens; they denied political rights to children and to women - so the citizens who did have political rights were not a very high proportion of the total population" (Rhodes, 2009), this left only free adult male citizens allowed to vote and participate in government affairs. Besides the moral limitations this put on their democracy, the voting men were also the ones who worked planting seeds, tending to farms, fighting in the wars, and make merchandise to sell in other city-states. When it came time to vote and fill positions, not nearly as many able people were available to participate; "Greece, who formulated the concept of democracy and the principle that all the members of the community - however you define members - have a stake in the community and can and should take part in running the community" (Rhodes, 2009).

    In the modern United States the term democracy still means people-power, but the people in power has changed. Since the abolishment of slavery and women's liberation the definition of people in modern United States expands way past that of Ancient Athens. Eligible voters opened up to all men, regardless of net worth, occupation, and race, women, ...

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