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    Ancient Greek Civilizations

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    Describe the Minoan and Mycenaean civilizations and explain how they were alike and how they were different.

    2. Describe the Greek polis and explain how it developed.

    3. Compare and contrast Athens and Sparta, paying particular attention to their forms of government.

    4. Explain the causes and outcomes of the Peloponnesian War.

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    Hi there! Because I didn't receive a response from you before the sign-out period ended, I had to tailor this to your offer, but I was happy to address things in order briefly:

    1) In much the same ways that Athens and Sparta would differ (see #3 below), the Minoan civilization was known for its governance, artisan culture, agriculture and diplomacy. Mycenae, in contrast, excelled in the art of war and conquest. In an interesting connection with another of your questions, the Minoan civilization ...

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    The four founding civilizations of Ancient Greece (and their points of conflict) are touched upon in brief.