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US usage of achievements of older civilizations

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1. Explain why we in the U.S. owe a large cultural, political, and economic debt to older civilizations such as the Egyptians, Mayans, Greeks, Romans, British, etc.

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The expert examines the USA usage of achievements of older civilizations. The economic debt to older civilizations such as Egyptian, Mayans, Greeks, ROmans, British, etc are provided.

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This is an excellent question.

As you know, we here at BrainMass cannot do your essays for you. We may only push you in the right direction and give you the tools needed.
One book you need to check out is Russell Kirk's "Roots of the American Order." The entire book is about how these civilizations have helped create?so to speak?the American political and economic system. This is a must (or so it seems to me).

The big issue here is the means whereby the US has synthesized many of the achievements of these older civilizations.
The founding fathers of the US were heavily interested in the Roman system of government in the republican period. They do not (as a rule) cite enlightenment figures such as Locke, but heavily cite Roman figures such as Cato.
Here is the issue (at least in terms of political economy) - the Roman battle between Cato and the forces of the republic against the forces of empire (Sula, Octavius, etc.) who sought a more centralized empire based on some kind of ...

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