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    Bronze-Age Aegean Civilizations

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    Which cultures developed during the Bronze Age period in the Aegean? How were these cultures similar to and different from one another? How does the art they produced reflect their cultures?

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    The three main civilizations from the Bronze-Age Aegean are the Cycladic (from the Cyclades Islands), the Minoans (on the island of Crete), and the Mycenaeans (on mainland Greece). While we do not know the fate of the Cycladic people, scholars believe that a natural disaster, such as a volcanic eruption or a tsunami, brought about the downfall of the Minoans and the Myceneans.

    We know very little about the Cycladic civilization, which left no evidence of the written word. We can only make educated guesses about this civilization based on its art, which consists primarily of abstract figures of musicians (mostly male) or women lying in supine positions. Most of these artifacts were found in graves, which led many scholars to conclude that the ...

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    Response to a question asking which civilizations thrived in the Aegean during the Bronze Age, their differences and similarities, and how their art reflects their cultures. Solution addresses the three major civilizations discussed in survey history and art history textbooks, as well as the helpfulness and limitations of the art, architecture, and/or literature.