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    Early Minoan Jewelry

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    I am writing a paper about Early Minoan jewelry, with specific focus on their hair ornaments and require help coming up with an outline. I'm thinking of writing about a the Bronze Age and how the techniques change or become more develped over this period. Focus on gold, jewelry, refined jewelry making. Bronze Age. Why is the bronze age so special?

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    1. Do an overview of Minoan jewelry in two parts (with relation to technique, skill, and subject matter)

    First, address the early jewelry (the earliest examples having been found on the island of Mochlos - dating from 2300 - 2100 B.C., also known as EM II and EM III (Early Minoan 2 and 3) I would list the four basic types (diadems or tiara-like headpieces, hair ornaments in the shapes of leaves and flowers, beads of various sizes and shapes, and pendants (a great variety). Each category could be a different section. I would preface these with a brief description of the materials used (such as very thin sheets of gold that were often embossed, rock crystal, amethyst, carnelian, steatite, and faience (a type of glasslike material). In each category, you might offer examples of the "subject matter" - either abstract (such as cones, axes, circles) or representational (leaves, ...

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    The specific focus on their hair ornaments are determined.