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Abnormal Psychology

Motivational interview techniques

Please discuss motivational interview techniques, since that concept is not readily know by everyone. Describe what those are, and draw on published scholarly sources regarding their effectiveness.


Do internal and external sources need to be complementary in order for motivation to occur?

How Welch's ideas relate to motivation

"I think any company . . . has got to find a way to engage the mind of every single employee. . . . If you're not thinking all the time about making every person more valuable, you don't have a chance. What's the alternative? Wasted minds? Uninvolved people? A labor force that's angry or bored? That doesn't make sense." How d

Mental Disorders & Forced Treamtent Issues

#1 How do you feel about someone who has been hospitalized for a mental disorder? Would you date someone if you knew they had been hospitalized? What if they had been in the hospital for a strictly physical illness? Is there a difference in your feelings? Why? Does this affect your willingness to seek therapy for your own

Emotion and Motivation

What is emotion? What is the relationship between emotion and motivation? Provide an example. How do evolutionary history and personal history impact behavior? Provide an example.

Past and current trends of substance use and abuse.

Past and Current Trends I need help with a paper explaining past and current trends of the use and abuse of substances in the United States. Include the ways in which the American culture encourages and supports drug use and abuse. Additionally, address how and why substance abuse creates significant health problems in the

Article review help is given.

1) Define the problem outlined in the article. 2) Describe the issues related to the problem addressed by the article. 3) Consider the implications of the article to employees, employers, and society. a) What are the ramifications if the problem is not addressed? b) What are the tangible benefits o

Identification of Pavlov's US, UR, CS, and CR

Pavlov's Classical Conditioning: Theory into practice Pavlov utilizted two types of stimulis unconditioned and conditioned and two types responses unconditioned and conditioned Patty does poorly on a math test. This makes her feel anxious, from that point , she always becomes anxious when taking a math test. As the school ye

Sigmund Freud and Anna O case

Describe and critique the traditional analysis of the Anna O. case and explain what Sigmund Freud believed he had learned from it.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

How does Maslow's hierarchy of needs relate to effective counseling? Give a complete description of Maslow's hierarchy as you are answering this question. E.g. the hierarchy diagram gives a good "starting point" for your discussion.

Classroom management is assessed.

Adam is a student in Mr. Potter's fourth-grade class. He is the youngest of 6 children in a blended family. His mother and step-father both work long hours to support their family. His father moved to another state recently. Adam is a bright child, but is not always well behaved. He enjoys entertaining his classmates by making j

Value Individualism is assessed.

Generally speaking, do you place more value on the well-being of the individual or the group? When and why do you value individualism? When and why do you value group orientation?

Multiple intelligences - spiritual and/or moral intelligence?

If I added another intelligence could another you add a teaching strategy for another intelligence. try naturalist, spiritual, existential, and moral. If you was teaching science and the subject was a unit on the heart. What is your opinion regarding spiritual intelligence? Would you include this concept within Gardner's the

Validity and Reliability

Please see the attachment. Validity and Reliability For each of the tests of reliability and validity listed on the matrix, prepare a 50-100-word description of test's application and under what conditions these types of reliability would be used as well as when it would be inappropriate. Then, prepare a 50-100-word descr

Lawrence Kohlberg's ideas are emphasized.

A child decides not to steal a candy bar because he/she knows there may be consequences for his/her actions. Lawrence Kohlberg theorized that there are six stages of moral development through which a person may pass as they develop from infancy to adulthood. Kohlberg was interested in the way that people arrived at their moral j

Reliability and validity of popular research sources.

In the space provided in columns two and three of the following matrix, prepare a 50-100-word evaluation of both the reliability and validity of each of the sources listed: 1.Wikipedia 2. General Motor's Company Web Site 3.American Psychological Association Web Site 4.Arizona Department of Health Services Web Site

Reliability and credibility

What is the difference in reliability and credibility found on the Web and on University Library sites, such as UOP's?

Credible and non credible sources

How can you determine the credibility of a source located on line? I read in my course material somewhere, but I can't remember where in my weekly reading, that if there is an author and institution and can be clearly identified, it is a reputable source (E.g., from an educational institution? Professional Organization etc.)

REM sleep

What is the nature of REM sleep? Why is it important to sleep?

Advice on a paper I am writing

I am getting ready to work on a research paper (8 to 10 pages). The topic has to be psychological AND physiological in nature. I have chosen from the DSM-IV under sexual disorders pedophilia. Any thoughts concerning a possible outline that would encompass both the psychological and physiological aspects of this disorder?

Therapy scenario

Suppose you are the therapist who is working with a family who is adopting a 5 year old (female) child who was physically abused in her family of origin. She has no conscious memory of the abuse because she was removed from the family at age 19 months of age. She has had temper tantrums ever since she came into the foster care

Proper Citation is emphasized.

Academic honesty is highly valued at the University of Phoenix. There are several ethical implications when it comes to one's written work. One of the key components of every written paper at the University will be proper citation and referencing of sources. Improperly documenting these sources of information could constitute