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Abnormal Psychology

Psychology problem

1. Can health-related theories in psychology be used to predict who will and who will not adhere to medical advice? Why or why not?

Questions on Behaviorism Theory

This solution helps answer the following questions about behaviorism theory with references. 1. What is the implicit epistemology of behaviorism? 2. What are the core values of this theory? 3. What does this theory view as the The Good Life? (meaning what is the life they should look after or seek) 4. What does thi

Gender Identity Disorder

Homosexuality was classified as a mental disorder until 1973. Now, it is seen as a normal variant of sexual behavior. Today, another diagnosis called gender identity disorder (GID) is undergoing a similar debate. Present the diagnostic criteria of GID to your class, and ask them to consider the role of cultural and historical re

Individual differences on job performance

I need help in describing major factors to individual difference that affect job performance. Include factors of mutiple intelligence, mental ability, skills, personality traits, and cultural behavior. Please utilize at lesst one outside source in this discussion. Any help would be appreciated.

Culture - Bias - Functions

1. why do individualistic and collectivism cultures differ in their tendency to make the fundamental attribution error? 2. The literature on attribution processes identifies a number of "biases" in the processes by which we perceive other persons. How do these biases influence the impressions we form of others as we interact

Therapy and Testing Connection

Can effective therapy happen without administering psychological testing? Explain why or why not. Under what circumstances is testing useful?

Culture influence psychological testing

In what ways does culture influence psychological testing? Please provide an answer to the question in detail with at least 300 words. Provide references as party of the solution.

Summary of a journal article

I am working on a research paper and need some help extracting from the attached journal article. The angle I am looking to report on is the impact that sexual abuse can have on a marriage. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Questions on working in groups and communication principles and strategies

Compare and contrast Decision making and Problem solving. How are they different? Why is it important to separate the two processes? Include two (2) direct quotations from the textbook for this course. "Decision making refers to the 'passing of judgment on an issue under consideration' and 'the act of reaching a c

Case Study on Scenario

Case Study Esmeralda Trujillo, 35, has lived in your community for six months with her four children, ages 4, 6, 10, and 15. The family is living with relatives in a small house on the outskirts of the city, and they cannot stay there much longer. In Guatemala, Esmeralda lived with her husband, had a garden that virtually fed

Life cycle stages overview

There are different stages of the life cycle. How is it to determine when each stage begins and ends, using biological, cognitive, and socio-emotional criteria? Compare this discontinuity outlook with the continuity perspective. Which perspective do you favor and why?

Consider the developmental debate of nature vs. nurture.

1. How difficult is it to determine when each stage begins and ends, using biological, cognitive, and socio-emotional criteria? Contrast this discontinuity perspective with the continuity perspective. 2. Consider the developmental debate of nature vs. nurture. What traits are shaped more by nature, and which by nurture? On th

Problems in the biopsychosocial model over the biomedical model

1. Discuss the implications of the acceptance of the biopsychosocial model over the biomedical model. What is the role played by age, ethnicity, and SES? 2. Discuss the advantages of experimental and correlation studies. Why might a researcher choose one over the other?

neuropsychological processes cases

1. Elizabeth wants to find out if chewing bubble gum during an exam improves the test scores of her students. She knows she will have to give a test to her students, but she is not sure how to separate the control group from the experimental group. How should she do it? 2. Daffy Duck is in bad shape. A few too many direct h

What are the criteria for determining appropriate rigor in qualitative research?

Please help with some ideas so that I can address these questions: Submit a draft of two problem statements that address current situations, issues, or observations in your field of study or discipline. Each problem's description should be written in such a way as to lead to a different research method (quantitative, qualitat


Your client has t-scores greater than 70 on depression, psychopathic deviance, and schizophrenia on the MMPI-2. Would you feel comfortable diagnosing mental illness based on these results? Why or why not?

Determine the critical value and which type of hypothesis test was used

Please provide a step by step solution for the following problem. A researcher wants to determine whether alcohol increases the amount of motor coordination errors. She selects two samples of 25 participants each. One group receives 5 ounces of alcohol, while the other group receives 5 ounces of water. She then observes the

Damaged Limbic System

Explain the behavioral or functional changes that may occur as a result of damage to the limbic system. Then determine the rationale for the predicted changes or deficit.

Bias in Mental Health

What are some of your biases about mental health? How do you think you formed these biases?

Research Questions

Please Provide advise/ help in completing the following: 750 words: Write a description of a problem area that can be pursued as a topic. Include a brief discussion of the importance of addressing this problem as well as to your discipline. 150 words: What is the purpose of graduate-level research? What distinguishes re

Psychology 430 Team Dynamics For Managers

1.Analyze and discuss the attached performance analysis flowchart. Address in you discussion, how this flowchart might be useful in analyzing team performance, individual performance, address how this might aid in objectivity. What other uses could you put this flowchart to? How would it be helpful in correcting marginal pe

Steps and considerations when establishing a survey

Start with answering the following questions: Explain the purpose of the survey. Discuss the preliminary design issues you experienced in creating the survey. Describe the specific instructions for administering, scoring, and interpreting your survey.

Ways of combating compassion fatigue in healthcare workers are explored.

I require assistance with writing a training guide in combating compassion fatigue in healthcare workers. 1. present the nature of the problem and its causes 2. explain the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the caregiver 3. give examples of coping strategies and resources for help and hope for the caregiver

Tarasoff Decision & HIPAA regulations

What is the Tarasoff Decision? How did it affect the professional practice of psychology? What was the Redmond v. Jaffee Supreme Court ruling? What impact did this ruling have on the concept of privileged communication? What are HIPAA regulations? How have these regulations impacted mental health care? How do you feel a

The Importance of Confidentiality in Therapeutic Relationships

What is confidentiality? Why is confidentiality such an important aspect of the therapeutic relationship? Are there instances in which confidentiality cannot be maintained? What are they? Do you agree with these "exceptions" to confidentiality? Why or why not?

Intelligence of dropout delinquents

Some research has shown a lower level in overall intelligence of dropout delinquents living at home when compared to non-delinquent adolescents living at home. List and explain some of the causes of these overall intelligence differences.