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Abnormal Psychology

inter, group, prejudices

How might prejudices occur at inter group levels and explain 6 possible consequences of prejudice in behaviour?

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Where would you like to see yourself in Maslow's hierarchy of needs? In addition, how has your environment, personality, others influences and your own choices reflected in any of Maslow's hierarchy of needs?

Commercial and residential design types are featured.

Define commercial design. o Define residential design. o Describe the similarities and differences between commercial and residential design, including purpose and considerations. o Evaluate the layout of a commercial building based on the concepts discussed in your readings. o Evaluate the layout

Environmental problem: SMOKING

I need information for brief notes for Slides that I have already completed on an environment problem i.e. smoking. I included the assingment below which has the topics I need information. ASSIGNMENT Select an environmental problem: SMOKING Prepare 10- to 12-Microsoft® PowerPoint® slides in which you assess the

Evaluating Articles

Rafael comes to your research team meeting feeling quite overwhelmed after an exhausting meeting with his advisor. He needs a strategy for evaluating the articles he read in preparation for writing the introduction to his thesis. He finds the terminology, concepts, and ideas in a few of these articles confusing. What steps w

Perspectives of Diversity

Perspectives of Diversity Paper Discuss the concept of diversity See the two perspectives of diversity below, based on your discussion, encountered in the workplace. Prepare a 300-word paper in which you examine your selected perspectives of diversity. Explain the implications of the diversity perspective on human behavi


Please answer in about 300 words. Here are three traits: height, intelligence, and friendliness. In which of these traits do you think people differ the most? Why? Considering the readings and other information, please provide at least two to three reasons for your response.

Validity Studies

For the purpose of predictive validity studies, success in college is often defined as GPA at the end of the freshman year. What other operational definitions of "success in college" can you devise? List at least two definitions, and further indicate how these alternative definitions might lead to the use of different colle

Humanity: determinism verses free choice.

Dimensions for concept of humanity six concepts: 1. Please choose one of the 6 dimensions. 2. Explain how this dimension has played a role in your life? Such as determinism verses free choice. 3. Has your behavior/choices been determined by free will or determined by forces out of your control? Please give specifi


What does traits and characteristics mean in an individuals personality? Please describe your thoughts on traits and characteristics that have created your personal development. What makes you unique?

Territorial Behavior in Humans and Animals

What are some of the similarities between privacy and personal space? What are some differences? What is the difference between human and animal territorial behavior? Please include examples in your response.

Analyze the effect of population density on individuals.

O Describe the concept of noise and examine the effect that it has on individuals. o Examine at least two strategies that can be used to reduce noise in the workplace or in the living environment. o Describe the concepts of territoriality, privacy, and personal space. o Explain how the concepts o

Behaviorism: Explaining Pet and workplace behavior

About 150-200 words question is good. Thank You 1. Some behaviorists would argue that your pet doesn't really (or can't) "love" you. Rather, they suggest that your pet's behaviors (no matter how cute and adorable) are products of shaping and behavioral principles. What do you think?

Research, Statistics, and Psychology Paper

Help to prepare a paper in which you examine the role of research and statistics in the field of psychology. As a part of your paper be sure to address the following items: a. Define research and the scientific method. b. Compare and contrast the characteristics or primary and secondary data. c. Explain the role of stat

Psychological Tests

Discuss why reliability and validity are important concepts to understand when selecting an appropriate Psychological test. Include a description of each concept in your answer.

Dual relationships

You, a psychologist, are seeing a client in therapy. The client tells you she can no longer pay for sessions. You have been struggling to deal with the paperwork imposed by managed care and by your billing. You suggest that the client can work for you two days per week instead of paying for sessions. Analyze the specific d

Lesbians & Straight Women

Please see the artcile at http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,194724,00.html. What are your thoughts, comments about this one? What do you get from it?

Human Services-Models of Effective Helping

Write a description of your personal model of helping and discuss how and why you have, at this point in your development, formed your viewpoints. Include: a. How and why you formed this viewpoint b. Your view of helping c. The relationship between the clinician and the participant d. Techniques or approaches to change e.

Sociocultural influence on group process

Identify two distinct cultures and compare and contrast the impact of sociocultural context on one aspect of the intraindividual social development or group process.

What is the connection between long-term anxiety and social incompetence?

The article attached: (Burt Obradovic) is the article I need help with and will be coupled with another article (see hyperlink: Twenge) that is on how and why anxiety has increased in children and adults over the years. I will leave the hyperlink to the Twenge article in case it is needed. http://www.apa.org/pubs/journals/featu

Emerging Issues

a. Describe the impact that these issues will have on society. b. Explain how these issues will affect the interaction among culturally diverse groups.

Characteristics of Mexican culture

The various characteristics of History.This is all about History of Mexican culture 1)What are the primary cultural characteristics of this history 2)How do the characteristics of this history impact their experience as a subculture in American society? 3)How might the cultural aspects of this history be applied to traditio

Group Motivation

? Describe what you learned about yourself in this exercise. ? How does this knowledge affect the way you interact in groups? ? What will you do differently in future groups as a result of this exercise? ? Based on your results, what may you do to be more motivated? ? What incentives/motivators would help you be more motivat