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Abnormal Psychology


Explain the condition of learned helplessness and how does it affect motivation?

Animal Rights & =Vegetarianism

1. Do animals have a basic right to life and a right not to be subjected to brutal or painful treatment? Why or why not? If animals do have these rights, then is it then immoral to slaughter and eat animals? Why or why not? 2. If it could be shown that vegetarian diets are ecologically preferable to meat-based diets or dem

Needs Analysis

How do you design a needs analysis for a sales representative?


1. How do you think we as society handle the many incidents of expecting mothers who are addicted to illegal substances? For example say an expecting mom test positive for large amounts of cocaine several times when visiting the doctor for prenatal care. How do you think this incident should be handled? 2. Think in term

Help with these questions is given in terms of personal reactions.

These questions are investigated: 1. Can affirmative action admissions policies in higher education serve to remedy the contemporary effects of past discrimination? If so, how exactly? If not, why not? 2. Are members of contemporary society affected by past discrimination? If so, how are they affected and how significant i

Team Member Roles

PART ONE: SELECTING A TOPIC Select one of the following aspects of team dynamics to serve as the basis of the Individual Paper on Team Dynamics. Possible topics include: Team members' roles PART THREE: DRAFTING Create a rough draft of the Individual Paper on Team Dynamics. Include a thesis statement, introduction, s

Important information about Workplace Drug Testing

These questions are explored: How effective are random drug tests in the workplace? Minimum 150 words What should the employer do when a test returns positive and the employee disagrees with the results? Minimum 150 words Should an employer base employment on the results of a drug test? Minimum 150 words

Article Review

I need help with a review of the attached article. Need to have the following questions answered: 1) Define the problem outlined in the article. 2) Describe the issues related to the problem addressed by the article. 3) Consider the implications of the article to employees, employers, and society.

Access to Healthcare

Is access to health care resources a basic right that should be provided and protected by government? If so, how should universal access to health care be funded?

Concerns with workplace drug testing

Offer a critical judgment regarding the ethical and legal implications of drug testing given the various factors outlined below: 1) Types of drug tests (urinalysis, sweat tests, and etc.) 2) Reliability of drug testing methods 3) Types of drug testing programs (mandatory, voluntary, and etc.) 4)

Human Motivation

Explain the role of learning in human motivation. Provide at least three (3) examples that specifically tie learning to human motivation and the reduction of stress, improved happiness, and self-esteem. (Three separate scenarios.) Your explanation should be well developed and the examples should be specific. Cite all references

Drug Use in the Workplace

In what ways might an employer act as an enabler to an employee using drugs? How can this be avoided? What in the work environment might encourage drug use? Discourage it?

Goals of therapy are examined.

What is the difference between positive and negative reinforcement? Is there a definitive difference? These questions are considered.

Law - Euthanasia

The laws that deal with the issue of euthanasia (physician assisted suicide) and self-induced suicide differ across country and state. The 'ethical right to decide the course of a person's own death' often does not include the right to end your life, but rather the right to withhold treatments, life supports, and the likes, (wit

Ethical issues surrounding palliative care are noted.

Is it ethically acceptable to provide aggressive palliative care that is likely or even certain to hasten a patient's death? What ethical ideas inform your perspective on this issue? Under which conditions is it appropriate for a physician to deny a patient's desired palliative treatment? For example, is it ethically acceptab

Euthanasia and the Right to Die

I need help and guidance on these questions, to help get me started. Thank you. 1. Is Will's request to reprogram the morphine machine justified by an ethical right to decide the course of his own death? 2. Do patients have the right to request that physicians help them die? If so, under what conditions is a physician oblig

This posting addresses issues as they relate to human motivation.

These tasks are modeled along with research links: a. Choose one of the theories on the attached word document and describe how this theory would and would not be applicable if applied to two or more workplace situations drawn for personal experience (real or made-up). b. In the case in which the selected theory was not

Cognitive Characteristics

I need help describing the cognitive characteristics of high school students. I have attached a description.

Maslow Hierarchy

In a typical workday, which of the needs noted in Maslow's hierarchy motivates you to engage in various activities?

Achievement, affiliation, and cognitive dissonance

An employee is repeatedly asked to work late when her children are waiting for her attention. Her desire for career advancement and her desire to spend quality time in parenting are incompatible in this job. In terms of achievement, affiliation, and cognitive dissonance, describe what you believe is motivating this individual an


It is possible to motivate a student to obtain an "A" grade if he or she does not value an "A" grade more than a "C" grade. Support your answer. Please come from the point of view that it is not possible.