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Abnormal Psychology

Research Design

This solution discusses the purpose of control and comparison groups in an experimental study, as well as two of the most important issues or problems in selecting an appropriate control or comparison group.

Research Design

What are the crucial differences between experimental research, quasi-experimental research, and descriptive research (including observation and correlation designs)? What types of research questions would be most appropriate for each? What are strengths and limitations of each approach?

Comparing Watson, Skinner and Tolman

Compare and contrast the perspectives of John B. Watson and B.F. Skinner with that of Edward C. Tolman and how each perspective relates to the field of modern-day psychology.

Ethical dilemmas are posed in terms of hypothetical scenarios.

These areas are covered: Discuss a specific ethical dilemma in relation to the Ethical Standards of Human Service Professionals in which you will experience little difficulty due to a concordance between ethical practice and your personal belief system. Discuss a specific ethical dilemma in relation to the Ethical Standar

Help with preparing an overview of a selected workplace situation is noted.

These areas are covered hypothetically: a. In preparation for this assignment, identify a workplace situation that needs improvement. This situation can illustrate the relationships between you and your co-workers, you and your subordinate(s), you and your manager(s), or two or more co-workers excluding yourself. b.

Counselling Psychology - Work-Life Conflict

Work-life conflict is a significant reality in today's world. What strikes you in the readings by Duxbury and Higgins?( please see below) What do you see as the impact on organizations, families and employees? What do we do to stop or reduce work-life conflict? Duxbury, L. & Higgins, C. (2003). Work-life conflict in Canada in

REM Sleep

Please see the file. Question 41 only please. 41. REM sleep A. What is the state when thermoregulation is minimal? B. What is the state when dream content is minimal? C. What is the state when eye movement activity is minimal? D. What is the state when cortical activity is minimal? E. What is the state when heart var

System of Inquiry

B. Develop a system of inquiry to be used in evaluating decision-making, problem solving, and behavior in a business setting. This model should include a basic framework as well as a discussion of why, how, when, and by whom it is used. Consider how you would implement the code, possible reactions to the code from employees, a

Gender Development

"Most children have firm beliefs about what it means to be a boy and what it means to be a girl very early in life." Critically discuss the theories relating to the development of gender roles in childhood and the relative contributions of nature and nurture. I have to write an essay on this but doing my research, i have f

ADA - "Reasonable accommodations"

There are three categories of "Reasonable accommodations": "(i) modifications or adjustments to a job application process that enable a qualified applicant with a disability to be considered for the position such qualified applicant desires; or (ii) modifications or adjustments to the work environment, or to the manner o

A discussion about ethical practices is listed.

This prompt is answered: "In what ways might you be practicing unethically if you do not address cultural factors in your counseling practice?" Please read ;Theories & Techniques of Counseling Chapter 3 By Gerald Corey.

Case Study of Manuel- Veteran Vocational Rehabilitation Services?

Manuel is a thirty three year old man with a spinal cord injury that limits his mobility and movement from the waist down. Manuel is a student at the University of North Carolina Greensboro and is seeking a Masters degree in Public Health. He is expected to graduate in May. He is wanting to work as a researcher following his gra

Problems associated with adolescence

Briefly discuss the various problems associated with adolescence, in terms of their causes, prevalence, and effects, such as self-esteem problems, depression, and suicide.

Intelligence (IQ), Emotional intelligence (EQ) and Amygdalic High-jacking

Based on research by Goleman (2005), many people with an high IQ (cognitive intelligence) and low EQ (emotional intelligence) do poorly in work and other relationships. In fact, Golemen describes a fellow student with five perfect SAT scores but the fellow student lacked EQ, and failed to live up to his potentials. Also in one o

Broadbent's Filter vs. Treisman's Modified Filter Theory

Compare and contrast Broadbent's filter theory with Treisman's modified filter theory. Which theory best accounts for the ways in which people select what they attend to from the massive amount of information entering the sensory registers?


Explain the condition of learned helplessness and how does it affect motivation?

Animal Rights & =Vegetarianism

1. Do animals have a basic right to life and a right not to be subjected to brutal or painful treatment? Why or why not? If animals do have these rights, then is it then immoral to slaughter and eat animals? Why or why not? 2. If it could be shown that vegetarian diets are ecologically preferable to meat-based diets or dem

Needs Analysis

How do you design a needs analysis for a sales representative?


1. How do you think we as society handle the many incidents of expecting mothers who are addicted to illegal substances? For example say an expecting mom test positive for large amounts of cocaine several times when visiting the doctor for prenatal care. How do you think this incident should be handled? 2. Think in term

Help with these questions is given in terms of personal reactions.

These questions are investigated: 1. Can affirmative action admissions policies in higher education serve to remedy the contemporary effects of past discrimination? If so, how exactly? If not, why not? 2. Are members of contemporary society affected by past discrimination? If so, how are they affected and how significant i

Team Member Roles

PART ONE: SELECTING A TOPIC Select one of the following aspects of team dynamics to serve as the basis of the Individual Paper on Team Dynamics. Possible topics include: Team members' roles PART THREE: DRAFTING Create a rough draft of the Individual Paper on Team Dynamics. Include a thesis statement, introduction, s

Important information about Workplace Drug Testing

These questions are explored: How effective are random drug tests in the workplace? Minimum 150 words What should the employer do when a test returns positive and the employee disagrees with the results? Minimum 150 words Should an employer base employment on the results of a drug test? Minimum 150 words

Article Review

I need help with a review of the attached article. Need to have the following questions answered: 1) Define the problem outlined in the article. 2) Describe the issues related to the problem addressed by the article. 3) Consider the implications of the article to employees, employers, and society.

Access to Healthcare

Is access to health care resources a basic right that should be provided and protected by government? If so, how should universal access to health care be funded?