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Abnormal Psychology

Choosing statistics to answer your research question

Explain what statistical analysis you would use to test the hypothesis that Aripiprazole is more effective in preventing and maintaining mania or manic episodes in bipolar disorder than other available medications. Identify the variables in the study and describe how they will be measured.

Information on measures of intelligence and achievement

Compare constructs and measures of intelligence and achievement. contrast constructs and measures of intelligence and achievement. Give your definition of intelligence without using the dictionary. List examples of how intelligence can be measured in different ways

Scripts and Kids Group therapy

To what dregree are children "scripted and then destined to live in accord with their scripts. Do children judge communications or are they nonjudgmental?

Dual Relationship and Boundaries

Here is a scenario: A close friend of yours is having difficulty with her teenage daughter. She knows you are a psychologist who specializes in adolescents. She asks if you would be willing to see her daughter for a few sessions to straighten her out. ? Define the concept of dual relationships ? Explain the challenges

Applied Research Project

I need help creating a proposal, my topic is how stress affects our health and relationships. ( key ideas and questions would be helpful or format). I understand that this assignment can not be done for me. The format for the Applied Project will be in the form of a proposal including: cover page, abstract, table of conte


Do you believe that ethics can change? If so, how? If not, why not?


What is the definition of professional competence? What role does competence play in professional practice? How are intellectual competence and emotional competence both essential to ethical professional practice?


What is informed consent? Why is informed consent so important in the field of psychology? What ethical issues are related to informed consent? What is informed refusal? How does the right to informed refusal differ from informed consent?

Designing a Test

List and describe the 6 major steps in designing a test. Explain why each item is important and give examples that have not been given by classmates of why researchers follow a set order when organizing a test.

Organization Psychology

Examine the field of organizational psychology. In your examination, please address the following items: o Define organizational psychology. o Explain the role of research and statistics in organizational psychology. o Describe how organizational psychology can be used in organizations. Please provide references.

Ethical Issues in Psychology

Consider the below statements by Father Theodore Hesburgh, President, University of Notre Dame? "My basic principle is that you don't make decisions because they are easy, you don't make them because they are cheap, you don't make them because they are popular; you make them because they are right. Not distinguishing between

Group Therapy - Gestalt

What are some major ethical considerations that need to be addressed when using gestalt therapy approach? How to prevent some of these ethical problems?


What are boundary issues (crossings)? Which type of boundary issues are most prevalent in the field of psychology? Why? What is the difference between a "boundary crossing" and a "boundary violation"?

Dual Relationships - Field of Psychology

1. What are dual relationships? 2. What are the different types of dual relationships? 2. Is it possible for professionals in the field of psychology to prevent dual relationships from forming? If so, how? If not, why not? 200 WORDS PLEASE

Psychology Ethical Standards and Codes

Evaluate the impact of the APA's ethical standards and codes on professional practice in the field of psychology. Principle A: Beneficence and Nonmaleficence. Principle B: Fidelity and Responsibility. Principle C: Integrity. Principle D: Justice. Principle E: Respect for People's Rights and Dignity.

Attitude Measurement and Attitude Polling

What are the similarities and differences between attitude measurement and public opinion polling? Provide an example of each one. Which one of these two assessment tools would you prefer using, and why? Study books:Hogan, T. P. (2007). Psychology testing: A practical introduction (2nd, ed). New York: John Wiley & S


What are the steps in the ethical decision-making process ? Is each step relevant to every situation? Why or why not? Which step in the ethical decision-making process is the most important? Why? Which step in the ethical decision-making process is the most difficult? Why? Step 1. Identify the situation that requires ethical

Intelligence Test & Testing

Please find four articles pertaining to intelligence testing and summarize each article in 75 words are less. THANKS FOR YOUR HELP!

Differences in Psych Professions

How are a clinical/counseling psychologist, master's level counselor and psychiatrist different from each other? Under what circumstances would you likely encourage a close relative - child, spouse, parent, or friend - to see a psychologist rather than a psychiatrist?

Mental Health Treatment

How might individuals best overcome the stigma associated with seeking mental health treatment? Please answer in about 200-300 words. Thank you.