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Abnormal Psychology

What are the effects of hormones during puberty?

1. What are the roles of hormones during puberty from start to stop? 2. What do the hormones do to cause the symptoms, etc? 3. Any specific roles of the hormones? In other words: Name, role, effect, etc during puberty?

Critique a Qualitative Research Article: Youth Gambling

Critique of a Qualitative Research Article (see attached) Utilize research protocols in defining, researching, analyzing and synthesizing appropriate scholarly research within the topic/issue selected. The learner may utilize the sub-questions as a guide to what content needs to be addressed within each component. Rese

Sample questions about Psychosocial Stage of Development.

In which you analyze your current psychosocial stage of development. In your analysis, include the following items: a. Identify your present Eriksonian psychosocial stage of development (your selected stage of development may not correlate with your current age). b. Explain how your current psychosocial stage of devel

Child growth and development

Q 1: Please discuss factors that can lead to brain damage in the young child. Q 2: Please discuss and distinguish between gross and fine motor skills, and discuss the development of of each during the play years. Q 3: Describe and discuss the major characteristics of preoperational thought, according to Piaget. Q 4:

Rational and Irrational Behaviors in Psychology

Consider the fact that at one point in US history the decision to own slaves was considered rational and informed. Today we would consider the decision to own slaves "irrational". For this project: Identify one other example of a decision (past or present) that was once considered "rational" but that is now reviewed as "irratio

Abnormal Psychology Models

a. Briefly examine the origins of abnormal psychology. b. Provide a brief overview of how abnormal psychology has evolved into a scientific discipline. c. Briefly analyze the psychosocial, biological/medical, and sociocultural theoretical models related to the development of abnormal psychology.

Serial rapist /Jack the Ripper

You have heard that there is a serial rapist in London that is known as the "Ripper Copycat." You found out that a colleague of yours from London is on the investigation team for this serial rapist. Your colleague has emailed you and asked if you were familiar with Jack the Ripper, and if so, do you have any information on the f

Program to improve adolescent self-concept

Discuss how a program could be designed to assist adolescent/young adults in achieving a positive self-concept and self actualization by following the humanistic theories. Think about the goals and objectives that the program should have, as well as any barriers that might be encountered.

Psychology Summary of a Professional Journal

I am looking for a one to two page summary and three inspirational ideas from the article attached. Stress Versus Discrete Negative Emotions in the Prediction of Physical Complaints: Does Predictive Utility Vary Across Ethnic Groups? (Consedine, Magai, et al., 2006).

Erickson's theory

1. the types of personality characteristics associated with Erickson's theory.

Compare and contrast two of the following five research methods in psychology

Compare and contrast two of the following five research methods in psychology described in your text or on the internet. These research methods include: Case study, Naturalistic observation, Correlational research, Survey research, and Experimental method. Include in your discussion the research techniques, reliability and valid

Nonverbal, Verbal, and Discrepant Behaviors

Description of a minimum of four dimensions, providing a specific example for each, from within the categories of verbal behavior, nonverbal behavior, and discrepancies that you believe are most important to observe. Justify your choices.

Correlation between Birth Order and Abuse

I did a survey about the birth order, and I found that 14 teen out of 21 middle born children stated that they were abused. However, 14 out of 21 stated that they felt that they were treated very well. I can understand how this can be conceivable, could you explain this to me in 175 words or less?

Motivation:Difference between winners and losers on these teams.

Using the following article, please help me so that I can write about the question: Pearlman, Jeff. (2009) Winners and Losers. Identify 3 types of motivation that explain the difference between winners and losers on these teams.

Aphasia Students and Special Educations Classes

In school are there regular classes, special Ed classes, and Aphasia classes. I want to know more about Aphasia students. How do they become Aphasic students? Was it because of brain injury, born that way or what? On the other hand, what if the mom took something during pregnancy that could have caused the child to have a birt

Child Growth and Development

Q1. Explain what object permanence is, how it is tested in infancy, and when it develops. Q2. Differentiate three theories of language learning, and explain current views on language learning. Q.3 Describe the main development in the emotional life of the child between 6 months and 2 years. Q.4 Define attachment, e

Defense Mechanisms in Work Settings

THE QUESTION IS THIS "A supervisor confronts a group of employees about the problem of not cleaning up after themselves in the employee lounge/kitchen." Could you explain how these defense mechanisms would guard the employees from the anxiety produced by the encounter with the supervisor. T Describe the types of defense mech

Reward Systems

I have to answer this question below in 250 words. I have been reading the chapter and don't fully understand this question: How can you assess employee needs to tailor effective rewards?

Oral and anal fixation sample question

1. What is theoretical concepts of oral fixation and anal fixation? 2. Working dynamics of a family unit. dynamics of a family differ from one family who shares the same fixation, as opposed to the family that experiences both fixations? 200 words please.

Roger's Therapy and an Outlook on Neurosis

According to Rogers, we allow experiences that match our self-image into awareness, where they gradually change the self. Therefore a person who thinks she is kind but really isn't is in a state of incongruence. There is a discrepancy between her experiences and her self-image. Why?

Workplace Motivation Essay: Motivation at work place environment

Intrinsic motivation and quality of work, exploring the nature of intrinsic motivation, and contrasting intrinsic and extrinsic motivation are new & quite confusing to me. I have to write a 1500 word essay in which I examine how various motivational strategies affect productivity in the workplace of a managed care insurance comp

Issues in child growth and development

Q1: Describe the significant development of the embryonic period. Q2: Describe the birth process, specifying the events of each stage. Q3: Describe the tests used to assess the newborn's condition at birth.

The effect of employing children in industrial environments

My topic is the effect of employing children in industrial environments (1st and/or 2nd) Industrial Revolution. I have certain questions that I need help with. We have ten questions. The only three that I have problems with is: 1. Describe ethical issues that became evident as a result of globalization. 2. Compare ethi

Applied Operant Conditioning

How might supervisors, educators, or other individuals apply operant conditioning? Please provide detailed examples which all four major aspects of operant conditioning (i.e. positive reinforcement, positive punishment, negative reinforcement, negative punishment).

Illness and effects on development. Death and Dying.

Part I 1. Assess the interaction and influences of genetics, heredity, and environmental factors on the prenatal development of individuals with your selected condition. 2. Describe how biological, sensory, perceptual, motor and physical development of the mind and body are affected in individuals with your selected conditio

Evolution, Genetics, and Experience

Modern genetics can prevent the tragedy of a life doomed by heredity; embryos can now be screened for some genetic diseases. But what constitutes a disease? Should genetic testing be used to select a child's characteristics? If so, what characteristics?

B.F. Skinner's theory and how it applies to today's field of human development.

Research on one of these theorists: Either B.F. Skinner, Jean Piaget or Ivan Pavlov. Study the theory and the theorists and write a paper which reflects your understanding of what the theory is based on. Please discuss how the theory can be implemented in the field of Human Development and in working with children and their fam

Research Methods in Psychology

Compare and contrast descriptive studies with formal experiments. Descriptive studies are the simplest method of scientific inquiry. The most three common methods used are in psychology are: the survey method, naturalistic observation and the clinical method. Formal experiment is a research method that allows the researche