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Abnormal Psychology

Experiments for abnormal psychology

What are the similarities and differences among 1) observational research strategies, 2) experimental research designs and 3) single case experimental designs? How does each of these research designs allow psychologists to make statements about the efficacy of treatment? Please cite in text to support for your response.

Ending therapy

How would a therapist determine when to end therapy and how they might proceed? Describe at least two challenges that a therapist might encounter and explain how they can address each.

Discussion about Locke

Discussion Need help discussing these questions: 1. How may your group incorporate the principles of Edwin Locke and Gary Lathamâ??s goal theory into your weekly goals? 2. Is punishment an effective motivator? Why or why not? What would be an example of effective punishment for your group? 3. How does personali

Detailed solution

Identify and describe at least two common obstacles to and/or societal concerns about healthy growth for each the following stages of development (select obstacles that are of particular interest to you): childhood adolescence adulthood Provide potential solutions or strategies for promoting healthy growth at each of

Group Members and Leaders

I have to complete the attached Team Simulation (which I have reviewed it and it's confusing). The simulation will ask you to pick appropriate members for a government task force. As team supervisor, you will be addressing leadership issues, group task and maintenance roles, conflict management strategies, group listening skill


Define criminology and describe sociological, psychological and psychiatric Criminology.

Biological Psychology

What are some examples of neurophysiological processes? How do these processes affect behavior? What is psychopharmacology? What are some positive aspects related to psychopharmacology? What are some drawbacks? What are some current issues related to psychopharmacology?

Recurring Themes in Therapy

Give a description of a recurring theme that a therapist make have heard from clients that are presenting their issues during the therapeutic work together. Explain how a therapist can recognized a theme and how they can analysis themes contribution to the psychotherapeutic process.

Promoting a Client's Self-Efficacy

Describe at least one strategy that a therapist can use to enhance the client's self-efficacy and empower the client to take action. Describe at least one challenge that a therapist might encounter with a client and explain how a therapist can address it.

Therapy challenges when working with a resistant client

Give two challenges that a therapist can encounter working with a client who appears to be resistant. Explain how the therapists strengths and challenges could influence a client's resistant behavior. How should the therapist address such behavior with an adult, an adolescent, and a child? What insight into a client's issues c

Nature and Nurture

In learning and cognition, one of the major areas of discussion is the impact of nature and nurture. What is the concept of nature-nurture, and why is it important in the study of learning and cognition?

Unifying theory

If there were to be a theory that unifies psychology, might it be the biopsychosocial theory? What are your thoughts?


1.Why is it important for virtual group members to be confident? How may confidence be enhanced in online? 2.Is the A-E-I-O-U conflict management model an effective approach? Why or why not? 3. What role does argumentation play in group work? What does it accomplish and how? 4. What unique difficulties do female group

Mentally incapacitated and involuntarily committed.

Making someone live a life they do not feel like living is inhumane. Making them spend the rest of it in a mental institution is even more inhumane. If this patient were released and allowed to do what he wanted, should we stop him or fault him? How do we best support him without locking him up?

Carl rogers Outline

I am working on Carl Roger's life, contributions and theories. I need help to start this process by guiding me and providing an outline?

Ethics and psychology, short answer

What role do ethics play in the field of psychology? Do you believe that there is a difference between an individualâ??s personal ethics and their professional ethics?

Skinner's Behaviorism example

Thoroughly peruse the extensive website for the Los Horcones community at http://www.loshorcones.org/index_eng.html. 1.Identify the basic tenets of Skinner's Radical Behaviorism in this community. Is there any evidence that Los Horcones employs a Token Economy when dealing with undesirable behavior (behavior/personality disor

Democracy of Ancient Athens vs. N. America

How was the democracy of Ancient Athens comparable to the modern United States? Why did Plato and Aristotle express concerns about democracy as a form of government? Were their concerns justified Follow these instructions: Use citations in your text to indicate from which print source your information came. I ref