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Culture and Death

I need help with this. Analyze the roles of cultural contexts in understanding death.

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Cultural contexts do determine how one understands death. For example, when I was in Thailand, I noticed that they do not bury the dead, but instead cremate them. They do not even have a burial ground for their dead. Instead, they end up worshipping their dead. This is significant because society their views them as people who are to show honor and respect to their loved ones, whether they are alive or not. As an outsider, this disturbed me because I refuse to worship those that have gone on before me, but for the rest of my life will always remember them, and how they impacted my life, either for the positive or negative.

In America, we were founded on Christian principles and ideologies. However, through the years this has changed, despite becoming the melting pot of the world. Now a number of religions and sects are present. We have everything from Buddhist, Hindus, Tribal, and much more. A person has a ...

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This solution provided the roles in which cultures understand death.