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Death, Dying, and Grieving

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Robert Kastenbaum (2009) emphasize five components and they are people, places or contexts, times, objects and symbols.

1) Analyze the five components of the death system and describe each component, as well as discuss the cultural variations associated with them.
2) Also discuss the death system in the context of the Hurricane Katrina catastrophe. Given the cultural make-up of the communities that were impacted, how do you think the death system concept relates to this devastating event?
3) Further, how do you think our beliefs toward this stage of development have changed as a result of it?

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1) The people component of the death system includes all individuals associated with the system such as funeral directors, physicians, florists, law enforcement personnel, etc. Each culture has different duties associated with the different types of individuals within the death system, for example funeral directors in the US are associated with preparing the body as well as providing a place to conduct services, whereas in rural India the funeral director may be a Hindu priest etc., that performs religious services and ...

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