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    What is Death? Medical, Ethical and Legal Perspectives

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    Define death from medical, legal, and ethical perspectives. Also, describe how people in at least one other culture define/explain death.

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    A death for definition is stated to be complex, as death comes in many forms. For example, death can be due to aging, accidental death, or to a long illness (Santrock, 2006). According to Santrock, medical technology have further complicated a definition for death, as medical science work to determine just what causes death -heart stoppage or lack of brain activity. These issues have led to debates over end-of-life decisions. For instance, caregivers and family members are often forced to deal with questions about accepting or rejecting artificial methods to keep their loved ones alive during the dying process. For example, as Hoefler (2000) notes, many patients suffer from sever dementia. Dementia is described in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV-TR [APA], 2000) as "the development of multiple cognitive deficits (including memory impairment) that are due to the direct physiological effects of a general medical condition, to the persisting effects of a substance, or to multiple etiologies" (p. 147). In cases of dementia or other death related issues, family members or caregivers must make spontaneous decisions that can affect the dying process such as ...

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    The expert defines death from medical, legal and ethical perspectives. How people in at least one other culture defines/explains death is described.