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Theraputic termination

How would a therapist determine when to end therapy and how they might proceed? Describe at least two challenges that a therapist might encounter and explain how they can address each.

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"Termination" is clinical jargon for Ending Therapy". Interestingly, usually when the final session or sessions begin to draw closer new issues seem to come out into light. It is no surprise to see that some clients may begin to talk about other types of break ups in their lives, divorce, long term relationships, death and other endings. Some of them even report dreams that reflect some type of loss. Often there is a sort of natural ending in therapy and many times both therapist and client can feel it coming. What kind of model is therapy if we preach dealing with and accepting loss, but practice denial by avoiding termination ourselves? A professional ending that includes appropriate closure needs to be part of each treatment plan.

Termination is a valuable time where one can look at the work you have completed, celebrate any progress, talk about goals that still need to be reached and talk about any disappointments. The last session is a history of your relationship as therapist and client, culminating with saying goodbye. Even looking back together in that last ...

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Theraputic termination is briefly described.