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Read the details presented below on Self-Hypnosis. Try this and relate your experience. Did it help?

The following information is adapted from the Encyclopedia of Natural Healing, by Peters and Woodham

Self-Hypnosis is a form of self-help used to alleviate pain, foster self confidence and other positive attitudes, and improve conditions like asthma and arthritis. Autosuggestion is used in self-hypnosis to improve problems like being nervous or not being confident. For example, if you lack self confidence, you would try to empty your mind of distracting thoughts by repeating statements like â??Every day, I am getting better and more confident.â?

Steps for Self-Hypnosis

1) Lie or sit in a quiet, comfortable place where you wonâ??t be disturbed. Relax and release any tension in your body. Allow 20-30 minutes for this process.

2) Induce a relaxed, focused state of mind by imagining a long walk on the beach or a long walk in the woods, or descending a long staircase, or by counting from ten to zero.

3) Repeat key statements that describe what you want. Use positive wording: â??I feel confidentâ? not â??I will not be afraid.â?

4) After about 20 or 30 minutes or when you are ready, reverse the process to bring yourself out of the hypnotic state. Walk back from the path, climb back up the stairs, or count from zero to ten

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This self-hypnosis technique does work. I have used it on myself on many occasions, especially when under much stress. As I was sitting there making sure I followed the directions precisely, I pictured myself in my happy place, which is Thailand or Heaven. Anyways, as I did this I began to relax. Over ...

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This solution provided ways in which self-hypnosis is a blessing to use, and how it greatly benefits anyone who is under much stress.