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Abnormal Psychology

Impact of culture on gender identity

Agoraphobia: fear of open places and unfamiliar settings. Explain it and give an example. Discuss the impact of culture on gender identity. Other than physiological differences, what are the differences between genders? How are these differences evident in behavior and attitudes?

Learning situation: instrumental conditioning

I am having problems coming up with a learning situation, such as learning to ride a bike or cooking scrambled eggs using instrumental conditioning. we have to compare and contrast positive and negative reinforcements, the role of reward and punishment and which instrumental conditioning form would I use, I have no clue where to

The Role of Awareness in Conditioning

Need help understanding the role that awareness plays in classical conditioning. Here is the book's description, but I am having problems understanding this, nothing fancy maybe words, no references needed. Help! The Role of Awareness in Conditioning If classical conditioning is considered to be a simple, possibly even p

Self-regulation in preschool

What does "self-regulation" mean, and how can teachers of young children help children to regulate their behavior?

Environmental stressors and human behavior

Analyze the impact of environmental stressors and how it impacts human beings. How do ambient temperature, lighting, and atmospheric chemicals affect human beings? Evaluate and describe how natural disasters influence human behavior. Support your answer with citations.

Jung and Adler

Carl Jung and Alfred Adler Question 1) Using Jung's theoretical concepts and stages, what is Bob's attitude according to Jungian theory? How do we know this? 2 What is Bob's superior function according to Jungian theory? How do we know this? 3) What are archetypes? In what level of consciousness are they containe

Awareness in classical conditioning

Analyze the role of awareness in classical conditioning. Need some help getting started on this one. Nothing fancy maybe 150-200 explaining the concept, need to be specific, I have some examples just having problems defining the concept. If you have references is fine and format does not matter, will be using as reference, but p

Studies involving Animals

There are a variety of animal models of stroke and resultant memory disorders. Many types of neurological disorder and brain damage can produce memory impairments in humans, and it has been possible to model some of these in animals.

Theoretical Analysis and Framework Problem

Need assistance with formulating a draft paper where I have to select one theory of psychotherapy to examine and analyze and then apply the theory to a case study. I can also choose an integrative approach. These are the areas on which I should focus when analyzing the theory. The draft paper should be only 6-8 pages, Therefore

Sigmund Freud

1) According to Freudian theory, is Steve aware of why he interacts with women only on a sexual basis? Which state of consciousness is most involved in controlling this behavior? 2) What type of Freudian psychic energy motivates Steve's relationships with women? 3) At what Freudian stage is Steve fixated and what evidence

Different types of or methods of estimating validity

Imagine that you are trying to determine the best test to use for __________ (make up a purpose here...perhaps something related to your current occupation). You review the manuals for different tests and find that each reports validity studies. However, they each report different types of validity. Is there one type that you

Comparing the different methods for estimating reliability.

Imagine that you are a test developer and need to establish/estimate the reliability for your test. There are a number of factors to consider when deciding upon the best method to estimate reliability. As you read about in the textbook, some of these factors are related to the test itself and what it measures (e.g., a stable t

CPI, Apperception tests, Self-help books

Compare and contrast: Strengths and weaknesses of California Personality Inventory (CPI), Apperception tests, and Self-help books. Examine validity, comprehensiveness, applicability, and cultural utility for each instrument.

Reliability or validity

According to Dr. Zak, the reliability of her measuring tool was consistent, however, she could have estimated the reliability of her measure through making it a priority to keep the measuring scale at a consistent value because the reliability of a measuring tool relies on its consistency. Although "reliability is neccessary it

Solution-Focused and Narrative Theories

Can you assist with applying either solution-focused, narrative, or systems therapy to the case of Henry (see the case study narrative, The Case of Henry). Specify how the theory would conceptualize his "problem," what key concepts can be applied, and discuss two specific interventions you would use with this client. Identify a

Abraham Lincoln and Selfishness

Abraham Lincoln believed selfishness prompts all good deeds. Do you agree or disagree? Why? Does selfishness prompts all good deeds?

Strategies for maintaining focus at work

18 Ways to Stay Focused at Work August 14th, 2006 by Dave Cheong Over the years I have worked at many client sites and a variety of office layouts. On one project in particular, we had as many as 80 people in a project team, seated via an open plan arrangement. It was pretty difficult trying to stay focused in an environmen

Under what conditions can the state hospitalize a person against her or his will?

States can commit people to psychiatric hospitals under two legal models: (1) parens patriae-- the state is allowed to protect persons with mental illnesses who are unable to take care of themselves, and are not willing or able to seek medical treatment and (2) police power model-states can commit people to protect the public s