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Motor System and Psychology

How is the motor system involved in taking an Implicit Association Test (IAT)?

Go to this website and take a couple of the tests:


What is an Implicit Association Test?

What is the theory behind it and how does it work?

How can the functioning of the motor system be involved (and influence) a cognitive function?

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An Implicit Association Test consists of the following. One is able to use it grasp what is going on within the brain by means of what an individual is thinking and feeling. When one partakes in this test, they are able to become self-aware, and what their unconscious prefers and what his or her beliefs are at that time. After one partakes in this they are able to make a positive impact on the world around them, and people may notice a change in what it is they need to do to make their lives better on a regular basis, which makes it all worthwhile. This could take ...

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This solution provided ways in which the motor system is involved in taking an Implicit Association Test (IAT).