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Estimating Reliability

Imagine that you are a test developer and need to establish/estimate the reliability for your test. There are a number of factors to consider when deciding upon the best method to estimate reliability. As you read about in the textbook, some of these factors are related to the test itself and what it measures (e.g., a stable trait, a homogenous construct) (Cohen & Swerdlik, 2010). Which method for establishing reliability do you think would be the most difficult in terms of taking researchers a great deal of time and money). Which do you think would take the least amount of these resources (time and money? Explain your reasoning.

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The test that I believe is going to take the most amount of time is inter-score reliability. This is because many factors are involved in testing reliability. A person has to find a consistency between two raters. The individual will also have to judge, observe, and score in order to determine if the test was accurate or not as well as ...

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This solution provided an opinion on two methods that would take the most and least amount of resources with much reasoning.