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Estimating Validity

Imagine that you are trying to determine the best test to use for __________ (make up a purpose here...perhaps something related to your current occupation). You review the manuals for different tests and find that each reports validity studies. However, they each report different types of validity. Is there one type that you think is better or more important than other types for a test measuring the variable you chose? Is there one type that you think is less important for a test assessing the variable you chose? Explain. Think about this question carefully and apply information from the textbook on the different types of or methods of estimating validity.

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The purpose of the test is to understand Clinical Psychology better. In this particular field, I believe that all forms of validity are imperative and needed for one to have an excellent grasp of what is expected of him or her when it comes to testing ...

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This solution provided reasons on why one type of validity is better along with many examples.