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Abnormal Psychology

Interview questions

In psychological assessment, when someone is dishonest when completing a questionnaire or answering interview questions, we often conclude that they are malingering. Some individuals being assessed by a psychologist may malinger (intentionally be dishonest) in order to gain something or perhaps to avoid something. You mentione

Need assistance with Feminist and Alternative Therapy Application

Need assistance with applying either feminist therapy or a complementary or alternative therapy to the case of Henry (see the case study narrative, The Case of Henry). Can you specify how the theory would conceptualize his "problem," what key concepts can be applied, and discuss two specific interventions you would use with thi

Need assistance with the Feminist Theory and the Psychotherapeutic Process

Can you describe how you would incorporate some of the key concepts, goals, and interventions of feminist theory into the psychotherapy process to address the issues of clients (both men and women) from diverse social and cultural backgrounds. In addition can you utilize specific examples to illustrate your points.

Potential Source of Error is the Tester/Interviewer

My professor wrote: "The interviewer certainly can be nervous and it is possible that this could influence the interviewee in some way. Elsewhere in this discussion, I mentioned one of the "assumptions" of psychological assessment is that there are "various sources of error" that "are part of the assessment process" (Cohen &

Assessments and Rapport

Do you think a good rapport with the examinee was necessary to get reliable and valid results? Why or why not? How did you build rapport? To those of you who have not been involved in conducting assessments, think about when you have been examined or tested. Did you feel a positive rapport with the examiner? Did the rapport (g

Interview assessments are briefly overviewed.

Knowing a person's hobbies and basic interests helps the employer obtain a better view of the potential employee. It can show if the person uses his or her time wisely. It can also show if the person is organized. These are traits that an employer is looking for. Your post reminded me about the media and how they are always talk

Identify some of the major issues associated with workplace turnover.

Workplace turnover that is systemic is an inevitable part of doing business. Turnover that is controllable can be influenced by the decisions and actions of management. Not all turnover is bad. Turnover is good when low performers with little potential for future success leave the company.

Summary questions

1. What aspects of this famous Abraham Lincoln speech exemplify or run counter to his philosophy on the necessity of selfishness as a key component in the completion of positive acts? 2. Why do many people struggle to identify their health, diet and the requirement to exercise as highly critical personal priorities? Does a

Professional and scientific responsibility

What is professional and scientific responsibility? How does this relate to ethical standards?Under what circumstances would you report a psychologist for an ethical violation? Explain your answer.

CBT and REBT Theory Application

Need assistance with either applying CBT or REBT to the case of Henry (see the case study narrative, The Case of Henry). Specify how the theory would conceptualize his "problem," identify what key concepts can be applied, and discuss two specific interventions you would use with this client. Identify a limitation of applying th

Comparing CBT and REBT

Need assistance, although there are similarities in CBT and REBT there are differences in the philosophy and approach of each. Can you discuss the similar philosophical assumptions of Ellis's REBT and Meichenbaum's CBT. Then discuss where they diverge in philosophy and approach.


What is intuition? What are the strengths and drawbacks of intuition? Do you believe that individuals who trust their intuition all the time? Give an example of how following or failing to follow your intuition has affected the outcome of a situation.

Fundamental Attribution Error Synopsis

What is a fundamental attribution error? Why do you think individuals make attribution errors? How do the concepts of personal space and territoriality differ across cultures? How is human territoriality different from that of nonhuman species? Abraham Lincoln once stated that selfishness prompts all good deeds; do you agr

Human Development is briefly contextualized.

What is human development? What is the relationship between human development and socialization? Describe the concept as it relates to two different cultures to validate your point.

ERG theory of motivation

1. What is the differences the ERG theory of motivation and the Need for Achievement theory? Which one do you think is most feasible and why? 2. Please explain the cognitive process theories of motivation.

A therapist's professional practice

Give a description of at least two pressing personal and professional needs related to professional practice of a therapist. Describe the strategies that a therapist might use to meet these needs.

Need assistance with Behavioral, Cognitive, or Reality Theory Counseling Scenario

You are going to imagine that you are in a counseling session with a client, and you are using one of the following theories Behavioral, Cognitive or Reality Theory. You will create a client scenario of your choice, however, your client must come from a diverse social or cultural background. With this in mind, can you write

Person-Centered Therapy

Using a person-centered approach, can you create a response from a counselors viewpoint to each of the following statements made by a client. (see below) Discuss how the counselor's statement you created utilizes the key concepts of the theory, and how your response embodies the overall goal of the theory. Client comment #1:

Compare and contrast your selected traditional and nontraditional cultures

My part is beliefs and values on this team paper. We pick Native Americans and Asians as our culture This is what the professor said about the paper: The paper should be a compare and contrast narrative which discerns the similarities and differences of a traditional culture and a non-traditional culture.If you choose Native