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famous Abraham Lincoln speech

1. What aspects of this famous Abraham Lincoln speech exemplify or run counter to his philosophy on the necessity of selfishness as a key component in the completion of positive acts?

2. Why do many people struggle to identify their health, diet and the requirement to exercise as highly critical personal priorities?
Does a person need to be selfish to lose weight?

3. Is a dynamic couple's desire to have more than 5 children an example of an act selfishness that could lead to a "greater good" for our society?

4. If we all know and are familiar with the negative impacts that television has on young people. Explain how television watching has been nurtured into the fabric of our lifestyles even though we all no it is detrimental to our most valuable possessions, our children.

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1. In his famous speech Abraham Lincoln said that "Slavery is founded in the selfishness of man's nature.", that being said, these words exemplify his philosophy and belief that selfishness is a key component in the completion of positive acts. If slavery had not been a part of our societies own selfishness Abraham Lincoln would not have recognized it for the wrong that it was or have been able to end it as he did (bringing about that positive act.)

2. Here is where the struggle begins: Typically, when an individual thinks about the fact that their good health relies upon a healthy diet and proper exercise feelings of anxiety ensue. Unconscious denile of the facts is a common defense mechanism that ...

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