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Abnormal Psychology

Introduction to Longitudinal Data Analysis

Please help me with some insight into this assignment. Assume that you have been given grant money to conduct a longitudinal study in the research area of choice. YOU WILL REPORT: a) the hypotheses you would want to examine b) how you would set up the design? c) what statistical tests you would use to analyze the da

Trends in modern-day American society

Would you help me to answer these questions? 1. What are the major trends in modern-day American society? 2. How has the American family changed in the last fifty years? 3. Why is it important to understand cultural diversity in the field of clinical psychology?

Test Taker's Bill of Rights

What types of assessments have you taken? How was the assessment conducted? What should be included on Test Taker's Bill of Rights?

Test bias

What are some examples of possible test bias? How can test bias negatively affect test results? Can someone help me with the above questions. I think some examples could be An example of systemic variations are; creating a test or survey that is deemed favorable toward a particular group. The test bias negatively affects

Trends and the Future of Psychotherapy

What would be some of the explanation of an emerging trend in the field of psychotherapy? What would be some of the benefits and challenges of this trend using CBT therepeutic practice and challenges?

Alfred Adler and Bella Swan summary

1) What are Adler's primary theories/concepts about personality? 2) Using these theories/concepts of personality to analyze Bella Swan's personality, what are 6-7 examples from the Twilight films (not books) that illustrate these theories/concepts.

How to Create a Graph and Table/Chart

How to create a graph and one table or chart exhibiting ANY of the following: Frequency distributions, Correlations, Nominal, ordinal, interval, or ratio scale data, results, research data comparisons or projections. The graph and table/chart need to pertain to the long term consequences of child abuse (physical and mental is

What are the specific methods you would use to conduct a study?

Please help with the following problem. Provide at least 200 words in the solution. Complete the design and methods section, including how you would analyze a data state: What are the specific methods you would use to conduct a study? How would the data be obtained? How would the data be analyzed? What statistical tool

Filling gaps with research

Is it possible to fill the gaps that are present in research (specifically about child abuse) and, if so, how?

Factors Researchers Can Control in a Study

The word "control" is a key concept for psychological researchers. Discuss three factors that a researcher can control when designing a valid study and three factors that a researcher can control to limit the effects that extraneous variables can have on the results of a study. 150 words

Mental disorders and abnormal behavior

1) Do you feel that societal pressures increased the development of mental disorders among adolescents? 2) Why is it more difficult to identify abnormal behavior among children than among adults?

Addictions, abuse, and dependence

1) How has society encouraged addictions? Provide examples in your response 2) What is the difference among use, abuse, and dependence? Why is it important to understand this difference?

Bandura versus Skinner

1) In comparing the theories of personality/learning of Bandura versus Skinner, who's theory is more powerful in explaining a behavior such as a child's high levels of aggression towards other children? 2) Why?

Pavlov's work

Please view the following YOUTUBE video . Write a two paragraphs summary focusing on Pavlov's work. What are your thoughts on classical conditioning? How does Pavlov's work generalize to human beings? Any other toughs that you found interesting. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hhqumfpxuzI

Late Adulthood and the Death of an Individual

Examine ageism and stereotypes associated with late adulthood - evaluate how individuals can promote health and wellness into late adulthood and mitigate the negative effects of aging - analyze the importance of relationships and social interactions as an individual nears end of life - identify cultural and personal atti

The Boulder Conference in 1964

Please help me answer this question What is the significance of The Boulder Conference in 1964? What affect did this have on the field of clinical psychology? What are the four most common subspecializations in clinical psychology?

Pros and cons of hypnosis

Why can hypnosis be a wonderful tool to help people deal with certain things in their lives, but also harm or destroy lives if in the wrong hands. What are your thoughts?

Given an example from everyday life, describe the type of learning.

Ray was assigned to barracks in a very old building with old plumbing. While showering for the first time, he heard the toilet flush and then, a few second later, was scalded when the water suddenly became much hotter. He screamed in pain. The next time he took a shower, when he heard the toilet flush, he immediately jumped out

Optical Illusion Investigation

Look up an optical illusion online (please provide the link ) and present a summary two paragraphs or so describing it.

Nature vs. Nurture

Discuss the nature versus nurture controversy and how those views explain a child's moral development.

Client Rapport , Trust in counseling

Building rapport is a vital skill for all counselors to master. It is a skill that can be practiced and applied in any context involving more than one person. Think about an experience you have had in developing rapport with another person (for example, a client, student, fellow worker, supervisor). -What interpersonal skill