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Abnormal Psychology

Promoting a Client's Self-Efficacy

Describe at least one strategy that a therapist can use to enhance the client's self-efficacy and empower the client to take action. Describe at least one challenge that a therapist might encounter with a client and explain how a therapist can address it.

Therapy challenges when working with a resistant client

Give two challenges that a therapist can encounter working with a client who appears to be resistant. Explain how the therapists strengths and challenges could influence a client's resistant behavior. How should the therapist address such behavior with an adult, an adolescent, and a child? What insight into a client's issues c


1.Why is it important for virtual group members to be confident? How may confidence be enhanced in online? 2.Is the A-E-I-O-U conflict management model an effective approach? Why or why not? 3. What role does argumentation play in group work? What does it accomplish and how? 4. What unique difficulties do female group

Mentally incapacitated and involuntarily committed.

Making someone live a life they do not feel like living is inhumane. Making them spend the rest of it in a mental institution is even more inhumane. If this patient were released and allowed to do what he wanted, should we stop him or fault him? How do we best support him without locking him up?

Carl rogers Outline

I am working on Carl Roger's life, contributions and theories. I need help to start this process by guiding me and providing an outline?

Ethics and psychology, short answer

What role do ethics play in the field of psychology? Do you believe that there is a difference between an individualâ??s personal ethics and their professional ethics?

Skinner's Behaviorism example

Thoroughly peruse the extensive website for the Los Horcones community at 1.Identify the basic tenets of Skinner's Radical Behaviorism in this community. Is there any evidence that Los Horcones employs a Token Economy when dealing with undesirable behavior (behavior/personality disor

Democracy of Ancient Athens vs. N. America

How was the democracy of Ancient Athens comparable to the modern United States? Why did Plato and Aristotle express concerns about democracy as a form of government? Were their concerns justified Follow these instructions: Use citations in your text to indicate from which print source your information came. I ref

Impressions about cultural groups influencing socialization

Interview of a woman whose background is unfamiliar to me, i.e. who is either not Caucasian or heterosexual to respond. As a woman, describe your impressions about how your cultural group has influenced your socialization and opportunities as a woman. Share any experiences of prejudice, especially gender prejudice. How di

Psycotherapy Intervention Problem

Give two reasons why it is important for a psychotherapist to understand the client's strenghs and challenges. If any explain any diversity considerations and how these considerations would influence how a psychotherapist would proceed with the client. Explain how the psychotherapist would assess the client's readiness to change

Mnemonics in learning

Mnemonics In The News Use the Internet, University Library, or other resources to locate a current article that discusses the use of mnemonics in learning. Read the article. Provide a short summary of the article's main points. Include your insights relative to the article and your experience with using mnemonics a

Factors in Serial Learning

What factors impact serial learning? Which one of these factors has the greatest impact? Why? What has been your experience with serial learning?

Discussion about group communication is briefly provided.

Need help discussing these questions: 1. Describe a situation where a group encountered problems in working together. What was done to resolve the problem? What should have been done to encourage better facilitation among group members? 2. Why is it important to understand the cultural dimensions of group members? How d

Feedback about groupthink

Answer the following questions and include references. 1. Is there a difference between a group and a team? If so, what is it? If not, why not? 2. What is groupthink? How can a group avoid groupthink?

Dual diagnosis

What do you consider to be the key challenges in making a dual diagnosis? What guidelines might you use to deal with those challenges? Also, how do you think a dual diagnosis is affected by racial and ethnic factors? Provide the rationale for your response based on scientific evidence from a professional literature.

Article Review

Pay attention to the literature review. Notice how the sources are integrated to provide adequate support for statements, and that paragraphs contain more than just one source of information. That is true integration of material and demonstrates critical thinking of previous research. Notice the use of transitional sentences eve

Strategies of critical thinking

Identify 3 of the 9 strategies that you will use to develop your critical thinking skills. Describe how you will use each strategy, give specific examples.


First Question: Is everyone who commits a crime mentally ill? Why or why not? Second Questions: Should mentally ill people be held responsible for their actions? If so, when? If not, why?

Developmental Tasks For Middle-Aged Adults According to Robert Havighurst

Developmental psychologist Robert Havighurst stated that the developmental tasks for middle-aged adults are threefold: (a) managing a household, (b) child rearing, and (c) managing a career. Drawing on principles you have learned in this course, how might middle-aged adults accomplish these tasks?

Two Pitfalls Identifying Psychotherapeutic Issues

What are two pitfalls related to identifying psychotherapeutic issues and gathering relevant client information that can preclude a therapists from really hearing and understanding the client from his or her perspective? Explain how to avoid the pitfalls.

Stereotypical Notions of Males or Females

As a divorced Caucasian female in her late forties, what would you find hardest to deal with when working with a person of the opposite sex? Would you admit to holding on to some stereotypical notions of males or females? Please explain at least one of the stereotypes in detail. If none, explain how you would have avoided gender

Change in mental illness treatment

What is the difference between the ways in which we treat and care for mentally ill patients in the present day and how they were treated 100 years ago? Why do these differences exist? What is the sociocultural theoretical model? How does it relate to the development of the field of abnormal psychology?

Link between homelessness and psychosis?

Question 1: Is there a relationship between psychosis and homelessness? Explain your answer. Question 2: What are the signs of childhood depression? It can be misdiagnosed, please explain.

Dissonance-arousing circumstances and Reactance Theory

1. Describe the Reactance Theory and explain why people sometimes do precisely the opposite of what they are told to do. 2. What are two specific situations or ways of behavior that illustrate dissonance-arousing circumstances? Explain and define cognitive dissonance.