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Future for Confidentiality and Counseling

Please help me answer these question below along with references

1. Purpose or positive benefit for confidentiality
2. The future for the Confidentiality
3. Purpose or positive benefit for dual relationships

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1. Purpose or positive benefit for confidentiality.

The purpose of confidentially is to protect the subject in research or client in a counseling situation. It is important in counseling and research because all research and clinical material can potentially harm the subject or client is revealed improperly. In counseling, without the quarantine of privacy, the client will not be able to talk about information essential to successful intervention. Therefore, the benefit of confidentially in clinical situations is that treatment is more likely to be successful for the client. In research, the benefit is that research subjects will be more likely to sign up for studies and be honest about their experiences. It also prevents law suits (Stricker. Widiger & Weiner, 2002).

2. The future for the Confidentiality.

Confidentially is expected to continue to be important in psychology, as it has always placed a high degree of importance on confidentiality as well as placed a high ethical value on maintaining confidentiality. Of course, the limits placed, although problematic in clinical practice, by law will still be ...

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Purpose or positive benefit for confidentiality is asserted. References are also infused to validate the findings.