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The Importance of Operational Definitions

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If a researcher wanted to study the effects that inadequate instructions have on level of anger/frustration, how would the researcher want to operationally define the IV and the DV? Define the IV and DV in this example and describe how the researcher could define these variables in an operational way that would make the study's results more valid and reliable (easier to replicate over time with other populations)? What would the researcher have to do to ensure that anger is a result of instructions given, how would the researcher define or measure anger, and what other factors (extraneous variables) could potentially affect the results? Be sure to discuss the importance of operationally defining variables and how it relates to the overall study's validity and reliability in your discussion. Please help me with 200 words.

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In order to conduct valid and reliable research, it is very important for researchers to operationally define the concepts/variables they will be researching. This solution discusses the importance of Operational Definitions. (325 words)

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