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Test Bias

What are some examples of possible test bias? How can test bias negatively affect test results?
Can someone help me with the above questions. I think some examples could be
An example of systemic variations are; creating a test or survey that is deemed favorable toward a particular group.
The test bias negatively affects test results because accuracy is not permitted by the bias of the administrator(s) of the test being conducted. Creating the ability of an unfair arena is bases of multiple legal issues. Another example can be made in two companies bidding on a contract, yet the people placing the contract skews circumstances in favor of one company over another

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Test bias is putting the researcher's opinion in the subject matter. For example, a person actually decides to favor one question over the other. This can make it biased. Another instance is when an individual chooses to use the higher statistics that are more accurate as well as not using a higher ...

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This solution provided some examples of test bias, and how it can negatively affect the results.