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Bias in Assessment

Imagine that you are a professional who wants to evaluate the progress of a given client through psychological testing.

Identify the different sources of bias you might encounter in the assessment process.

Discuss the specific steps you would take to reduce test bias effects and what you would look for in an assessment instrument for purposes of bias reduction.

Describe how the standard deviation of a test score affects the interpretation of test scores.

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It is my pleasure to once again provide you with notes related to psychological assessments. Today I will focus on the three issues you asked about, namely relating to bias.

#1 - Identity the different sources of bias you might encounter in the assessment process.

Any type of assessment, to be honest, has a certain element of bias. Psychological testing is no different. This is primarily because each of us has a different background and perspective on life. No one question can encompass an understanding that can be related to everyone in society. In psychology, there is the added mix that psychologist may, often unknowingly, ask a line of questions that transcends any knowledge that the client might have about the topic. The three major sources of bias are: construct bias, method bias, and item bias.

Construct Bias - This occurs with the construct of the question (for example - questions designed to measure behavioral characteristics) asks the client to relate to one culture that they are simply not familiar with (asking a person of African ...

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The expert identifies the different sources of bias to encounter in assessment processes.