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The work of Pavlov

Please view the following YOUTUBE video . Write a two paragraphs summary focusing on Pavlov's work. What are your thoughts on classical conditioning? How does Pavlov's work generalize to human beings? Any other toughs that you found interesting.


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Ivan Pavlov dscovered what he would call classical conditioning while he studied digestion in dogs. It started when he noticed something interesting: his dogs would begin to salivate when his assistant entered the room. While doing his digestive research Pavlov and his assistants would show the dogs various edible and non-edible items and measure the saliva production that the items produced. He realized then that salivation is a reflective process. It happens automatically in response to specifc stimuli and is not under consciuos control. Despite this Pavlov also saw that the dogs woulds start to salivate without food and their smell being present. As a result he realized that this slaivary response ...

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The following is a discussion of Pavlov's work on classical conditioning.