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Killings of Homeless

Please find and read an article related to a social issue of your choice (e.g., education, healthcare, the economy, etc.) read it and please write two paragraphs summary of something that you learned or found interesting. Please provide reference (e.g., link, pdf, or full reference if gotten from paper media).

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Here is the article link from the New York Times:

This article is entitled Killings of Homeless Rise to Highest Level in a Decade, published on August 18, 2010 by Eric Lightblau

The article talks about killings of homeless persons and how it has risen to its highest level in the past decade. This is attributed to the fact that homelessness has risen due to the economic issues in the United States. In some states, they are passing laws to label the violence against homeless persons as a hate crime much like crimes that are racially motivated. Some states are proposing somewhat of stricter ...

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