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Abnormal Psychology

Longer class periods are considered.

An educator wanted to test the effects of class period duration on the learning of junior high students. To keep work at a manageable level, the educator decided to change the morning class period duration from 45 minutes to 90 minutes so that material that was previously covered in 20 weeks was now covered in 10 weeks. No chang

Dependent vs. independent variables

The present research investigated the effects of counterfactual thinking on subjects' accident related judgments. It was predicted that the availability of counterfactual alternatives for an accident would result in differential evaluation of incident related victims and perpetrators. The results of two studies strongly supporte

Personal Model of Helping

I need to create a personal model of helping by incorporating what I've learned in my counseling & psychotherapy class. The following are the major therapeutic theories that we have studied: Psychoanalysis Alderian Existential Person-centered Behaviorism Gestalt Rational Emotive Transactional Analysis Reality T

Peak Shift Effect, & Free-operant Avoidance Learning

Explain the peak shift effect. What is the fundamental problem in the analysis of avoidance behavior? How can the concept of a safety signal be used to explain free-operant avoidance learning? When a parent is shopping, why is using a threat "we'll go home if you keep that behavior up" to a child an ineffective punishment

Table of a grouped frequency distribution of test scores

Prepare a table of a grouped frequency distribution of test scores with columns for class interval, frequency, cumulative frequency, percentage, cumulative percentage/percentile rank, z-score, and T-score. Explain this table in your own words so that a lay person could understand it.

Explain Psychology Concepts

A) Norms- what are they? What should you consider when comparing a client's score with the norms? b) Age and grade equivalent- norms and their limitations. c) Raw score, standardized scores, and percentile scores d) Local versus national norms e) Correlation

Adaptable Nature of Emotions

3. What is your opinion of the principle of the adaptable nature of emotions? First define this principle and then give opinion on whether or not it is true. 4. Chose one categorical theory of emotion and one dimensional theory and compare.

Psychometrics: Test Reliability and Validity?

Explain each of the following in own words. If appropriate, give an example. a) Difference between a reliability and validity of a test. b) Can a test be reliable but not valid? Explain through an example. c) Content validity- how is it different from other types of validities? d) What are the differences between the crit

Psychometrics: Reliability and Validity Terms

Explain each of the following. If appropriate, give an example. a) Internal consistency, homogeneity, and alpha coefficient b) Alternate forms c) Odd-even reliability d) Spearman Brown formula e) Speed test and power test f) Error variance g) Test-retest reliability and time interval between testing

Rational Emotive Therapy (RET): A-B-C-D-E-F Model

I have been given the following scenario and need to apply the Rational Emotive Theory approach when working with an adolescent who is trying to manage his anger. I specifically need to focus on the E (discriminate or attend to new emotional and behavioral effects) & F (resulting in new feelings) aspects of the ABCDEF model. Can

"Reality" & Cognitive Theorists

The following question is obviously one I need to answer for a class. I don't expect you to answer the question for me, but I would appreciate it if someone could "point me in the right direction" so that I know how to answer this question on my own. In other words, could someone suggest where I might research for an answer? The

Goal Statement - University of Choice - Why Walden?

Please for the steps below: Personal/Professional Goals: o Why are you interested in graduate school and what are your plans after receiving your degree? o Why are you interested in the program and specialization to which you are applying? Please note that your personal/professional goals must be in line wit

Do humans pursue happiness. Give two different definitions of happiness.

1) Do humans pursue happiness. Give two different definitions of happiness. 2) Give three examples of basic biological tendencies in humans 3) What was Freud trying to accomplish in therapy? What changes did he want to make in his clients? 4) Describe two different attributional styles, i.e. ways people explain what causes th

Motivational loss is discussed.

You are a middle manager. You notice that the volunteers for your agency are disappearing and losing motivation. What do you do to increase your volunteer base? Any thoughts?

Theory and Principles of Motivation

Please help with the following problem. Provide at least 200 words in the final solution. You are a new instructor for a first grade math class working with a teacher who has been teaching for 30 years. You notice that the children are not motivated to do math, particularly their math homework. Using theory and principles of

3 objectives for the target population and the degree of change

We have to write a proposal about homeless people living in their cars and in doing so we have to write 3 objectives for the target population and the degree of change. Having a hard time making sure that the objectives are not goals. Target Population - write at least 3 objectives - Degree of change - write at least 3

Jung and Symbolism

Can you explain to me the significance of the circle as a symbol in art according to Jung (both in ancient times and now.)

Three of Henry Murray's Needs

List and define three of Henry Murray's needs. For one of the needs, provide an example of an occupation that would help to satisfy that need and explain why. For another need, describe how the need can cause trouble for a person in an occupational role.

Biological Influences of Psychology

In order to better understand how preschool children learn from their play activities, you have advised the Product Development department to study the biological influences of psychology. See the scenario for the specifics of your role. Develop a short presentation describing the biological influences of psychology. In your

Theories of Early Psychology: Structuralism, Functionalism and Behaviorism

Compare and contrast three of the ten different perspectives (specific theories) of early psychology described in your text or on the internet. These theories include: Structuralism, Functionalism, Behaviorism, Gestalt, Psychodynamic, Humanistic, Evolutionary, Physiological, Cognitive, and Culture and Diversity.

Understanding Test Scores

This article will help the reader further understand commonly used test scores used in psychological and educational testing. These include: Standard Scores, Percentiles, Age/Grade Equivalents, Confidence Intervals, Bands of Error, and the Bell Curve.

Open Ended, Closed and clarifying questions

Would you agree with my answers to the following questions? 1. "What is it like for you when you get depressed?" OPEN ENDED 2. "Have you had a physical exam in the last two years?" CLOSED 3. "Are you saying you don't give up easily?" CLOSED 4. "How does this job affect your mood

Discussion question - Teams, Team Motivation Strategies and Incentives

Please answer the following discussion questions with at least a 30-50 word response. 1. How do team motivation strategies and rewards differ from those used for individuals? 2. How can team incentives be implemented in such a way that all team members benefit? 3. What are some examples of good individ