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Abnormal Psychology

About the experiments of asch miligram and sherif

List plausible hypotheses and the independent variable(s), dependent variable(s), and results from the Sherif, Asch, and Milgram studies I know the experiments of sherif asch and migram but I am unable to really grasp the question I would happy if some explained to me. like the plausible hypotheses and the independent variabl

Academic and Everyday Intelligence

1. Take out two sheets of paper. Label the first sheet "academic intelligence." In 5 minutes, list all of the behaviors that you can think of that are characteristic of academic intelligence. 2. After completing this list, put this sheet aside. 3. Label the second sheet "everyday intelligence" and spend 5 minutes listing

Judgment and Decision making

I am doing a presentation on what went wrong with this companys decision here is the scenario. With childhood obesity a high concern 3 years ago, high competition, a large dept, and carb-consciousness, senior management at Interstate Bakeries made critical decision errors in order to reverse the annual losses they were repo

Research Variables

A researcher wishes to find out if there is any relationship between gender and types of crime such as felonies, misdemeanors, and traffic violations committed. The researcher must take into account that these legal categories represent ...... variables. a. manipulated , arbitrary b. ratio c. ordinal d. nominal Please p

Jury Deliberation Forensic Psychology

This case is examined. Q1. Imagine you are a juror on a personal injury civil trial. The plaintiff is a 76-year-old woman who, while walking down the street in broad daylight, allegedly tripped and fell on an exposed electrical wire that was in the middle of the street as part of a street light replacement project (she cla

Inventory of Services & Plan on How to Deliver Service

Imagine your Team represents the staff of a small non-profit social service agency that serves disadvantaged families, many of whom have children who are developmentally delayed. Your agency is charged with working with these families in either an inner city . The population includes the following demographics: 50% Hispanic, 30%

Questions on cultural diversity

1. What aspects of American popular culture potentially undermine work in the area of human services hope to follow? 2. As we know from this course, we are culturally diverse entities. What aspects of your own diversity greatly impact your cultural competency with other cultural groups or special populations? 3. Encapsulate

Human Adjustment Process

What would you say are three contributing factors that are most significant in directing the human adjustment process.

Analyze the article, Five Conditions for High Performance Cultures (1998)

Article Analysis. Analyze the article in your assigned readings by Juechter, W.M., Fischer, C., & et. al. (1998) by addressing the following: 1. Identify the thesis statement, or point of the story. 2. Discern the "evidence" used to document the thesis or hypothesis. 3. Identify the "authorities" who are responsible for s

Naturalistic settings are discussed.

Which of the following is most likely to be studied in a naturalistic setting? a. The evaluation of the effectiveness of a new tutoring program at the the University of Nebraska b. The effect of Thorazine (an anti-psychotic medication) on non-psychotic patients c. The effects of alcohol on the mathematical ability of colleg

3 questions

How does diversity in the workplace affect the efficiency and productivity of a modern organization? How does the classic model for organizations differ from the modern organizational model? How can an industrial/organizational psychologist apply the principles of human behavior, experience and mental processes to help

Research and Research Methods: Terms

Choose from among the terms below to fill-in the blanks below. Some terms may be used more than once, and others may not be used at all. Use the same root word for both plural and for singular applications. For example, write "hypothesis" for singular, and "hypotheses" for plural. Terminology: theory assumptions predictio


Design an experiment to test the following hypothesis: "Learning of nonsense syllables is facilitated, in adults, by ingestion of caffeine." Background: In the early morning, when sleepy adults arrive at work (or at class), their mental alertness may be improved by having a cup of coffee or a cola drink. Using the le

Organizational theories and research are provided.

You are part of the Bryce and Dancetty Consulting firm, specializing in solving business problems based on research and evaluation. You have just been hired by the new president of Wordplay Greeting Cards, an established company that sells greeting cards and collectibles to its own line of company-owned and franchise stores. The

What is pastoral counselling?

This job explains pastoral counselling and unethical situations which often arose because people doing pastoral counselling. It is very important to define what pastoral counselling is, and to distinguish it from the closely related discipline called pastoral care counselling.

Internet article

Conduct an Internet search for a professional article on a behavioral approach to working with an issue or issues that you might encounter when working as a human services worker. Write a 1 page summary about the article.

Lifespan Behavior - Erikson's Life Cycle

Erikson's Life Cycle - Erikson's theory of Psychosocial development I am trying to identify and analyze a television, movie, or literary character for each stage of the theory.

Academic and everyday intelligence

I am looking for examples of Academic and everyday intelligence characteristics excluding people, professions, school subjects etc. Thank you.

Gardner and Spearman's Intelligence Models

I am studying the Spearman's model of intelligence and Gardner's multiple intelligences model. I am looking for several comparison and contrast of the two models. Please note: no examples from the section.