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Discussion of two Major Coping Mechanisms

What are the two major coping responses? What are the similarities and differences between these responses? What are the consequences of a failure to cope successfully?

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Two major coping responses are addiction self-soothing and passive-aggressive behavior. Addiction involves recurring to other sources of what the individual determines as pleasurable in order to deal with internal struggles. Addiction helps the individual avoid confronting the root issue of the problem by masking it with a false sense of pleasure. There are several types of addictions, such as food addiction, drug addiction, shopping addiction, and sex addiction. Individuals who are addicted to illicit drugs will often tell you that there was a primary reason/problem that caused them to begin using drugs. Normally that reason is associated with the desire to avoid feeling pain from a specific life situation or a major life trauma, such as a rape, a ...

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This solution discusses two major coping responses: addiction self-soothing and passive-aggressive behavior.