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    Coping Strategies Employed When Faced With Significant Stressors

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    For this assignment, I'm required to think about coping strategies that an individual employs when facing significant stressors and to create either a true or fictional situation involving someone other than myself.

    Three Subheadings:
    The precipitating event- this is where I describe the scenario in which the individual finds him - or herself. This is where I tell "my story", making sure it makes sense and flows for the reader ( this is the part that I'm really uncertain about).

    Psychological symptoms - describing the behaviors and emotions experience by my main character. This should emanate from the precipitating event using concise accurate descriptions of symptoms.

    The coping strategies - describe how the person successfully deals with his stressors


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    I think to make this assignment easier you should think about personal situation that happened to you and just tell it in the third person. If you think of a situation that happen to you and how you responded to that situation it should make this assignment very easy. It seems like you have to write 3 to 5 pages, I would begin by defining what a stressor is and then defining what a coping strategy and them name a few. Keeping in mind, each time a person is under emotional stress from a specific stressor, he or she will most likely respond to that strategy in the same manner. For example, a person named Samantha is employed as an instructional assistant at John Archer Elementary School and she works with third grade class. She has been there for about two years but she has a long history of working for one year or two years at school and then changing employment. Samantha has been called to the principal's office for three meetings so far this school year she is scheduled for the fourth meeting with the principal. Other staff have been reporting inappropriate actions by Samantha. Samantha goes to meet the principal for the fourth time, the principal shares with her that other staff are saying that she is treating students inappropriately. She often says very disrespectful things to the students. Each time Samantha has met with her principal she uses the coping strategies of making others feel sorry for her. Samantha usually ends up in tears and the principal had to cut the meeting short. This coping strategy has worked for Samantha, it has gotten her out of undesirable situation. Therefore, Samantha may be able to continue her patterns for another year at this specific school. She has learned to cope with her stressors by making people feel sorry for her which allows her to gain the response she desires. When Samantha's current coping strategies no longer work with her stressors she will develop a new coping ...

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    The coping strategies employed when faced with significant stressors are examined.