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    The Garcia family presents for treatment with the primary concern that their adolescent daughter, Anna, has been recently diagnosed with cancer. Anna has begun aggressive chemotherapy that has been very distressing for everyone in the family. Prior to this most recent stressful event, the family reports that they got along well and experienced minimal conflict. Parents, Jorge and Alice, complain that everyone is handling the stress of Anna's diagnosis in their own way and it is just not working for them as a family. Discuss how the COPE Inventory could be used as an assessment tool with the Garcia family.

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    To effectively accommodate The Garcia family in treatment for stress, grieving, and coping with Anna's recent diagnosis with cancer, I'd apply The COPE Inventory. Because the questionnaire is user friendly with its 21 items and ease for using the 5-point Likert scale assignments, it could work with the family members' diverse needs and styles as they rate their responses when they encounter a difficult, stressful, or upsetting situation. The fact that it employs 3 coping styles of emotion oriented, task oriented, and avoidance can also help to identify coping styles, differences, norms, and mechanisms quite easily ...

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