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Life stressors and their emotional impact

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I have listed three stressful situations.

Please help me with the possible physiological and/or emotions impacts and possible coping skills for each of three stressful situations.

Please support the choice of coping skills with psychological research and resources should be cited.

When you've been fired
When you've witnessed a crime
When you've lost your wallet

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When you've been fired

Being fired has a different impact on different people. For some, it could actually be a good thing; they could be in a dead-end job that had no promotions or advancements. It could get them to go back to school or look for a more fulfilling job. For others it could be determinant; they think that being fired ruined their life. Especially when the main or only bread-winner of a household loses their job he/she thinks there is no happy ending. To deal with that loss and empty feeling turns some to substance use and abuse. Even though there are other choices, coping strategies have been identified as important predictors of both substance use and substance treatment outcomes (Vaccaro, 1998).

In a study by Anderson, et al., (2006) direct, indirect and interaction effects of life stress and coping on substance use have been found. They study suggested that to handle life stressors people try to escape; not wanting to face reality they turn to substances, drugs or alcohol. Both life stress and coping were found to influence level of substance use at baseline and the rate of change in use across time (Anderson, ...

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