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Abnormal Psychology

A Hypothetical Research Design - employee self-efficacy

Develop a Hypothetical Research Design that includes the following information: o Research Question(s). State the research question(s) that you are proposing to study. What is the effect of leadership change (transformational) on employee morale and commitment? o Survey Research Method. Clearly state why a survey method wou

Ethical research methodologies - briefly explained.

1. How do imposes etic research methodologies lead to inaccurate research findings about individuals form cultural groups? Have efforts to reverse past research errors been successful in your opinion? why or why not? Is there any way I can have example to have so that I can understand your work and be able to do my work.

Emic vs. Etic Research

1. What is the difference between emic and etic research? Provide examples that illustrate the misapplication of both approaches to research populations in urban settings.

Identifying Variables and Issues in Experimental Design

Lisa is a university tutor who is interested in studying the use of mobile phones and their possible adverse effect on people's ability to notice and respond to visual stimuli. The results from such research could have important implications for driving behaviour (Horrey and Wickens, 2006). She devised a task where participa

Research Psychology

What is research? What role does research play in your life? What role does research play in the field of psychology?

Theory to Practice - Child and Youth Mental Health

Can you answer the following questions relating to your personal experience: Assignment: Share your own perspectives of relevant readings you have done and your own practice observations on the relationship of theory to practice. Questions: * Describe how you incorporate theory into practice in child and youth

Five Research Methods

Compare and contrast two of the following five research methods in psychology described in your text or on the internet. These research methods include: a. Case study, Naturalistic observation, Correlational research, Survey research, and Experimental method. b. Include in your discussion the research techniques, reliabi

Statistics and Psychology

In preparing to write a 700- to 1,050-word paper, I need information to assist in examining the role of research and statistics in the field of psychology. Address the following items: o Define research and the scientific method. o Compare and contrast the characteristics of primary and secondary data. o Explain the ro

Taking a position: Moral and logical decision making

Read the attached comic strip. Then answer the following questions. 1. State the key issue from the comic strip. 2. Does Anita suspend judgment before taking a position, or does she immediately take a position on the issue? 3. Does Anita use logic when looking into the issue, or is her position based on a moral value judgme

The Difference Between the Mean and Median

Several years ago, the average price for homes sold in my neighborhood was $200,000. Now homes are selling for an average of $145,000 (presumably due to the failing economy and people losing their jobs - the unemployment rate is 12.5 because of job loss). How do I calculate the mean price of houses over this time period?

Research Question, Hypothesis - qualitative and quantitative

Your guidance is needed on #1 and #2 of this assignment. Thank you. Assignment: 1. Provide a description(1-3 sentences) of your area of interest. 2. Provide (a) a potential research question and tentative hypothesis for a quantitative approach to the area; and (b) a research question or questions, if appropriate, for a

Ability to design a small-scale experiment

People often struggle to remember PIN numbers. As a researcher interested in testing the idea that using mnemonics might facilitate memory for these. For example the number 6601 could be remembered as Year of Battle of Hastings reversed. In a paragraph, describe how you might design an experiment to test the idea that mnemonics

Natural selection & sexual selection

1. Explain with examples how the process of natural selection & sexual selection are thought to have contributed to modern day human behaviour. 2. Describe what is meant by the terms natural & sexual selection. Examples needed that relate to modern human behaviour. There should be at least 1 example of natural selection wh

Article Review - Qualitative or Quantitative Approach

1. Review and summarize article. 2. In summary, provide purpose of study, why the author chose the research (qualitative or quantitative) approach/method. What are the similarities and differences for the two approaches in terms of this study? What approach would you have selected for the study and why?

Article Review - Qualitative and Quantitative Research

Article Review - Qualitative and Quantitative Approach 1. Review and summarize article. 2. In summary, provide purpose of study, why the author chose the research (qualitative or quantitative) approach/method he or she used. What are the similarities and differences for the two approaches in terms of this study? What ap

Rollo May's belief

Do you agree or disagree with Rollo May's belief that much of human behavior is motivated by an underlying sense of anxiety and dread? Why?

Dilemma of Sports vs. Arts Programs

We are taking this statement from the Movie "Freedom Writers" Analyze the movie relevance to this course. Doe the movie reflect the impact or art education on adolescents? Does it realistically reflect the struggle the humanities subjects face in light of educational budgets cuts? If a school curriculum prefers to maintain sp

Test/retest reliability

2. What are your impressions of using test/retest reliability on an instrument that measures a state (e.g., anxiety) versus a measure of a trait (e.g., personality disorder)? What would be a better method for measuring reliability?

Public or private schools and religioous beliefs-short essay

identify at least two beliefs held by individuals that support private as opposed to public education. Using these beliefs address the following items: a). Indicate how these beliefs may have been formed. b) Explain how these beliefs appear to be maintained. c) Specu

Freud's theory of defense mechanisms

Feist and Feist (2006) discuss Freud's theory related to defense mechanisms (see page 34-38). 1. What is the primary purpose of these mechanisms? 2. Is it possible for defense mechanisms to become harmful to an individual? Why or why not? I need three peer reviewed for references please.

Psychologists and scientific research: short answer

Compare and contrast how the psychologist as a detective (a researcher) solves a problem to how a non-researcher solves a problem. Please be sure to discuss the following concepts in your detailed discussion: intuition, hearsay, literature review, hypothesis, research plan, scientific method, problem identification, nonsystemati