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    Exemplar of logical vs. moral judgment and resulting actions

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    Read the attached comic strip. Then answer the following questions.
    1. State the key issue from the comic strip.
    2. Does Anita suspend judgment before taking a position, or does she immediately take a position on the issue?
    3. Does Anita use logic when looking into the issue, or is her position based on a moral value judgment?
    4. Does she solve a problem, make a decision, or take action as a result of taking the position she did?

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    1. The main issue of the comic strip pertains to a moral decision - whether to cheat the company of money or not. You can also think of another issue as being whether the 'little guy' (i.e. the individual employee) ...

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    This solution discusses the difference between moral and logical judgement in a socially challenging situation. The discussion centres on a comic strip that provides an example to elucidate the concepts. The solution also discusses the difference between taking a stance on the issue immediately or suspending judgement. Finally, it discusses the difference between solving a problem, making a decision, and taking action as a result of a decision.