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environmental awareness

In what ways are you most affected by your physical environment? Explain your answer

What do you think has caused the increased interest in environmental matters over the last 5 years? What are some examples of ways in which environmental awareness has increased among the general population?

Which research method do you believe would be most effective in attempting to obtain information on people's environmental awareness? Explain your answer.

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I think that physical environment can really affect a person's mental and physical well being. For example, when the weather is beautiful, the sun is shinning, the air is clean and easy to breathe, people overall seem to be happier and healthier. It is a joy to get outside for some fresh air and go for a walk, to play sports outside, to be in nature. However, when the physical environment is deteriorating, people suffer. Pollution in the air can cause smog, which makes it hard for people to breathe. Days where there is a lot of smog, people can't even leave their houses. It starts to make people feel depressed, and they are not able to get out and get the exercise they need for their well being. Also, other physical environmental problems can affect your well being - excessive cold or warm temperatures can limit a person's comfort and enjoyment of life. As a current example, in January 2010, the weather in some parts of southern Florida was in the 30's, when normal temperature is in the 70's. This physical environment affected people's day to day life (wearing warm coats, brushing ice off of their car...) when it is not something that they are exposed to on a day-to-day basis.

Over the past 5 years, I think people have realized that the way that we are treating the earth will be ...

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