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The Formation of Attitudes and their Effects on Behavior

Objective: Compare different learning types.
Examine social behavior and its influences

Library Assignment

Detailed explaination of what are attitudes?

Describe an attitude type of someone. how are attitudes formed? and how their behavior may be influenced by that attitude.

Expanding on this, explain using attitude formation, how discrimination occurs? How can it be changed or reduced

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Attitudes are mindsets that lead to individuals behaving in certain manners. Attitudes represent how a person perceives something (how much they like or dislike that something) and are a reflection of that person's norms, ethics, and belief. Therefore, a person's behavior towards something is a direct result of that person's attitude about that thing. Hence, that person's behavior or reaction lets us know whether the person agrees or disagrees with the issue at hand. That person's behavior also lets us know how the ...

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Discussion of how attitudes are formed and how they influence behavior.