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Using the MMPI-2 test effectively

Your client has t-scores greater than 70 on depression, psychopathic deviance, and schizophrenia on the MMPI-2. Would you feel comfortable diagnosing mental illness based on these results? Why or why not?

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No. Although these scores are high, there are other things that mental health professionals need to consider before they diagnose mental illness. While the MMPI-2 is considered to be an effective personality test and one of the most commonly used assessment tests by mental health professionals, the scores should not be the only factor they consider when attempting to diagnose mental ...

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The following solution describes how mental health professionals can effectively use the MMPI-2 test to effectively diagnose mental illness based on certain pyschiatric conditions. It explains that the scores obtained on this test should be used collaboratively to make an appropriate diagnosis of mental illness.