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Socialization of Women

Interview of a woman whose background is unfamiliar to me, i.e. who is either not Caucasian or heterosexual to respond.

As a woman, describe your impressions about how your cultural group has influenced your socialization and opportunities as a woman. Share any experiences of prejudice, especially gender prejudice.

How did your culture shape your development and psychological adjustment?

How has it affected your relationship with your parents, men, and other women?
What are your views on gender differences and feminism?

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My cultural group has influenced me in a number of ways. I am an introvert, but struggle to get a job in my field. This is because of having a Master's degree, and my gender. The American culture is ver self-centered, and does not care about family compared to Asia. These two areas keep me from achieving my goals. I have experienced discrimination based off my physical disabilty. For example, a nursing employer I used to work for said that an individual could not sleep on the couch as a sleepover in order to ...

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This solution dealt with how women are treated in various cultures, and how females adjust in regards to their relationship with others through many examples.