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What do Pavlov's and Watson's experiments reveal?

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What do Pavlovâ??s experiment with his dogs and Watsonâ??s Little Albert experiment, tell us about memory, learning and performance?

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This solution discusses the results and some conclusions drawn from Pavlov's experiment with his dogs and Watson's Little Albert experiment

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Pavlov's experiement with his dogs and Watson's Little Albert experiment show that individuals learn by activating prior knowledge of what they remember and perform specific behaviors based partially on that knowledge. In Pavlov's experiment with his dogs he taught them to salivate at the sound of a bell. Pavlov began by ringing the bell just before feeding the dogs. After repeating this several times the dogs began salivating at the sound at the sound of the bell even when there was no food. This learning experiment was one of the first scienctific demonstrations of classical conditioning in which an animal or human ...

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