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    The history of Behaviorism

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    In summarizing behaviorism how has it affected the understanding of learning.
    What is the history of its founding and the main components of the theory.
    B.F. Skinner and John Watson are well known for behaviorist experiments. What was the outcome of these experiments and does behaviorism develop new behaviors?

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    The history of behaviorism began in 1863 when Ivan Sechenov published his concepts on the reflexes of the brain as it introduced a new theoretical framework predicated upon inhibitory responses in the central nervous system. The next major historical connotation within the field of behaviorism was Ivan Pavlov's many experiments and studies regarding the salivary response and other reflexes. Pavlov's experiments and concepts would be further bolstered by John Watson, who is known as the modern father of behaviorism. His publication of Psychology as a Behaviorist Views was the official coining o behaviorism. His famous "Little Albert" experiment would christen ...

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    The solution discusses the history of behaviorism. The expert determines if behaviorism develops new behaviors.