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Skinner's pros and cons

This posting briefly outlines both the strengths and limitations of Skinner's theory. 500 words of notes and references are delivered.

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As you briefly outline the strengths and limitations of the assigned theory, I see much strength.

In terms of scientific inquiry, for example, I deem it as a major strength how he asserted that human behavior does not merely result from only an act of the will, but is like any observable phenomenon; it is can be studied scientifically. His theory was a stepping stone toward making Psychology more scientific and reducing biased research. I deem it as advantageous that Skinner's theory present behavior as a subject matter in its own right and accord, worthy of examination.

Skinner further believed that prediction, control, and description are possible in scientific behaviorism because behavior is both determined and lawful. His theory is strong since it formulated the basis for many of our key ideas and theories in child development, psychology, parenting, and teaching still used today. His theory also made people are more cognizant of how to control ...

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500 words of notes and references briefly generate some strengths and limitations of Skinner's Behaviorism.