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Population Density

Analyze how population density affects human beings. Evaluate and describe why noise acts as an environmental pollutant. What type of environment do you live in? How does your environment (e.g., urban, rural) affect you? Support your answer with citations and proper APA 6th ed. references.

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Population density greatly affects human beings. For example, every year the population does increase, despite the one child law in China. Many countries choose to import food as a result of the number of people within their country on a regular basis. In the next forty years, they are predicting that 90 million more individuals will come into this world, and that means more overcrowding. The projected population by 2100 is predicted to become at least 11.2 billion. What is ironic is that in developed countries, the total world population ...

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This solution analyzed how population density affects human beings as well as how noise acts as an environmental pollutant as well as provided an opinion on one's current environment.