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Population Density: Example Problem

Unlike other species, human reaction to population density is mediated by attitudes and cultural definitions about how many are too many. A dense population is one thing in a culturally homogenous city where few are poor, and there is a culture of civility (like Amsterdam). But a dense population is quite another thing where many are poor, culturally dissimilar, and there is a weak culture of civility. What do you think the American experience of growing populations will be? On a small scale, think of the times when you have lived in a dense environment with others (for example, a shared apartment, college dormitory or military base). How would you describe that experience? What kinds of special rules emerged to deal with problems of crowding? Not all rules deal with population density problems, but many do. In American cities, how do wealthy people deal with problems of urban crowding and congestion? This paper should be two- to three-pages.

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Population Density:

This is the measurement of the population of people per unit area so that the number of the individuals living in the area can be ascertained. The population density of a region has the power to determine the extinction rate of the population. When the population is high the chances of encountering increased levels of problems arises due to the act of competing for the scarce resources. The population of the world is increasing leading to the creation of pressure on the world. It has been approximated to have been at 50 people per square Kilometer. The least densely populated regions of the world such as Mongolia have lower levels of environmental pollution in comparison to the other cities in the world. This is based on the fact that the people share a relatively small area coupled with high urbanization levels which drains the resources that are in the environment (Kinder, 1998).

The American Experience of the Growing Population:

The American population has one of the highest population densities. This state is increasing and the population rates are growing each passing moment. The largest of the population in some city regions are poor in comparison to the affluent persons who are a hand full. The other result of placing more people and amenities in a smaller area in the environment has lead to high rates of loss of property and lives incase disaster struck. High crime rates have been increased since the people are competing for scarce ...

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