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It was more difficult than I first realized to list just five characteristics exhibited by intelligent people. Intelligence covers a broad range of abilities, here are a few that I came up with.
Intelligent people:
1. Have the ability to solve problems
2. Display open-mindedness and willingness to learn
3. Are well-read on a variety of subjects
4. Show compassion of others
5. Have some kind of spiritual life

The Mc Grew-Flanagan CHC model is a strata based model, which makes the most sense to me. The analysis begins at a broad level and is narrowed down in deeper strata. The theory is an integration of the Cattell-Horn and Carroll theories (Cohen & Swerdlik, 2010) proposed by McGrew and Flanagan. By using ten broad abilities, broken down further into at least 70 abilities, most aspects of intelligence can be explored. My list best coincides with this method in that each item on my list can be either generalized, or further broken down. For instance, in being "well read on a variety of subjects," the person's crystallized intelligence is strong. The "ability to solve problems" indicated that a person has long term storage and retrieval, as well as a timely decision making/ reaction time. These are part of the broader subjects this theory covers.
The area where my list does not coincide with the McGrew-Flanagan CHC model is in the mathematics and quantitative area, since I did not include that in my list. I do, however feel this is an important part of intelligence, but in my brainstorming did not come up with math skills as a area that connotates intelligence. Perhaps because I think of myself as intelligent, but am not the best math student! If I were to re-do the list, I would include math skills as a trait of intelligence, but I decided to keep my original list.

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