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Five-axis diagnosis for depressed patient

I need some help pulling together a five-axis diagnosis of a depression in a Native American elder. I jneed to know what to include in each AXIS. The client Complaints of chest pain, abdomen, knees, complaints of body sickness. Reported that he hasn't been himself over 3 months. Ha stopped interacting with family and going to important family functions. Reluctant to discuss change in behavior as well as feeling. difficulty falling asleep, sleeps intermittently through the night and almost always awaken at dawn and first . He admits that he has not felt like eating in a while but denies weight loss, although his clothes are hanging off of him. Trouble concentrating and remembering. He complains of being too tired and full of pain and afraid of disapointing people. He was in silence and then blurt out that his sheeps haven't been doing well lately. There coats are ragged, they are thinner. they just wander amimlessly even the ews don't seem to care about the little ones. He then stastes that he continue to take acetaminophen daily for mild arthritic pain. Although he reports he is a recovering alcoholic and havent' had a drink in 23 years. He denies any prior episodes of depression or other psychiatric problems.

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Here is the layout of the Axis and what info belongs in each one. I have written in suggestions of what to include in each Axis according to the information you have provided

Axis I: Clinical Syndromes 296.34 Major Depressive Disorder, Recurrent, Severe With Psychotic Features (although he denies any prior depression problems so it may not be actual Major Depression, may be Depressive Disorder with Psychotic Features or just 298.9 Psychotic Disorder, NOS )

This is what we typically think of as the diagnosis (e.g., depression, ...

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What info is inserted in each axis is explained and shown here